Show or Hide Columns in Excel


In this article we will learn how to show or hide columns in Excel. I hope you will like it.

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Today I was working on a report. It contains my debit/credit details of a month. And I was in a need of hiding a column “Credit” from the report and generate a PDF file. And I did that. I thought of sharing it with you all. I hope you may find it is useful.

To do so, we will create a dummy Excel file like the following:

Show Hide Columns In Excel

Now it is time for action.

Click on the home tab and go to the Format menu.


Now click on the format menu and then click Hide & Unhide under the visibility menu. Now click on hide column.

Show Hide Columns In Excel

Now if you see your Excel file, you can see the selected column has been hide.

Show Hide Columns In Excel

To make it visible, you just need to follow the same procedure that we just followed. You can see an Unhide option in the same Hide & Unhide menu.

Show Hide Columns In Excel


That is all. I hope you liked this article. Please share with me your feedback.