The embed tag in HTML5


The HTML <embed> tag is used for embedding another resource or interactive content into the document. The <embed> element is an empty element and this tag ending with the delimiter string />. This tag has no closing tag like <embed />. This tag is used to insert nonstandard elements content, typically a multimedia element that is not supported by HTML. You can use <embed > tag to add images, audio or video etc or you can write anything in it.
Syntax :
<embed src="" type=""/>
This tag puts a browser plug-in on the page. A plug-in is a special program that adds specific abilities to a larger software application and it is located on the client computer not on your web server that handles its own special type of data file.

Attributes Introduced by HTML5

Attributes Values Description
src URL This attribute specifies the Address of the resource file using URL.
type type This attribute used to specifies the MIME type of the embedded Object and define the type of media.
height pixels This attribute specifies the height of the embedded content.
width pixels This attribute specifies the width of the embedded content.
HTML5 Event Attributes
onabort onblur oncanplay
oncanplaythrough onchange onclick
oncontextmenu ondblclick ondrag
ondragend ondragenter ondragleave
ondragover ondragstart ondrop
ondurationchange onemptied onended
onerror onfocus onformchange
onforminput oninput oninvalid
onkeydown onkeypress onkeyup
onload onloadeddata onloadedmetadata
onloadstart onmousedown onmousemove
onmouseout onmouseover onmouseup
onmousewheel onpause onplay
onplaying onprogress onratechange
onreadystatechange onscroll onseeked
onseeking onselect onshow
onstalled onsubmit onsuspend
ontimeupdate onvolumechange onwaiting
  1. <!DOCTYPE html>  
  2. <html>  
  3.     <head>  
  4.         <title></title>  
  5.     </head>  
  6.     <body>  
  7.         <embed type="video/quicktime" src="mov/" width="340" height="250" />  
  8.         <br />  
  9.         <br />  
  10.         <br />  
  11.         <br />  
  12.         <embed src="Image/moonchilde.jpg" type="image"  height="400" width="400" />  
  13.     </body>  
  14. </html>  
embed tag
embed tag
embed tag
embed tag