First Look at PowerPoint 2013

Microsoft has developed a new version of PowerPoint, PowerPoint 2013. PowerPoint 2013 has support for tablets and other types of touch screen devices. PowerPoint 2013 provides the widescreen 16:9 format by default. This screen helps you to design a good presentation in the default format without realizing that slides will be letterboxed when seen on a 4:3 projector via slideshark on an iPad. PowerPoint 2013 looks very similar in other applications. Microsoft Office 2013 is a step forward but still dependent on the Desktop. First you can open the PowerPoint 2013.


After opening the Power Point 2013, you will see the PowerPoint preview.  In the new PowerPoint 2013, you can use the wide screen themes and variants, Videos, Pictures and Shapes. Using PowerPoint 2013, you can create a customized icon using powerful tools. User can search for a new template by typing a keyword that you want. You can choose a theme.


PowerPoint 2013 provides the information. In this you can protect the presentation and inspect the presentation and version. This is a very useful feature of PowerPoint 2013.


PowerPoint 2013 provides the 16:9 ration slides. It is very useful for modern laptops. You can create various attractive slides. You can choose alternative color schemes then apply what you like with a single click. You can create a slide.


In PowerPoint 2013, you can search online templates and themes. You can type in the search box what you want. You can make a search theme as your theme then you can create a Button.


After clicking on a theme, you can click on the create button. The theme will begin to download. You can see in the following figure:


After downloading you will see the slides.


You can open the Recent Presentation, Sky Drive and others.


PowerPoint 2013 provides a share facility. In this you can share your slides or theme on the social network. This is a good feature in PowerPoint 2013. In this option, you can invite people and you can email it.


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