What is New in PowerPoint 2013

Last week, Microsoft launched the Office 2013 Preview, the next generation of Microsoft Product. Microsoft Office 2013 has been designed to work with both PCs and Tablet devices. Microsoft Office 2013 provides new features compared to Microsoft Office 2010. In Microsoft Office 2013, the main focus has been improving document sharing through SkyDrive and you can access documents using SkyDrive. We will look at the new features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. Learn more in What is New in PowerPoint 2013 for Developers.

Metro Look


You will see a new interface and new Metro Style fonts, Navigation etc.:


Insert Online Themes, Templates and Pictures

PowerPoint 2013 provides Online Pictures, Template and Themes. In this version, you can insert an Online Video into your presentation using a SkyDrive Account, You Tube or the Internet using Video embedded code.


You can insert pictures. These are given below:


You can insert Templates, as in:


Export Presentation as MPEG-4 Video

In the previous version, PowerPoint 2010 only provides the option to save the presentation as a video in the WMV format. PowerPoint 2013 also provides the MPEG-4 Videos format. PowerPoint 2013 supports MPEG-4 for saving converted presentations in video format. You can play them in many media players.


Alignment Guides, Merge Shapes and Auto Text Wrapping

PowerPoint 2013 provides Alignment guides. It makes aligning objects easy and text in slides and it is relative to each other. You can merge various shapes together. If you want to add two shapes then the alignment guide helps you to adjust them according to the top, bottom, right and left margins.


Share Document

In PowerPoint 2013, you can share your documents on the social network. You can share documents with others. You can invite people by giving your Email address and you can send a link to view the documents. PowerPoint 2013 provides the share features. You can send the document through Email as an attachment as a PDF.


Account Management

Account Management allows you to connect to your SkyDrive account and you can add services to use with PowerPoint.


PowerPoint 2013 UI Changes

PowerPoint 2013 provides various UI related changes. Microsoft has also improve the look and feel of the interface.


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