Create All Applications Shortcut in Windows 8


In this article, we are explaining how to create a shortcut for "All applications" in Windows 8. In Windows 8 "All applications" is a window where you can see all the applications installed on your computer.
In Windows 8 if you want to see all the applications then you have to search for the apps using the charms bar in the right-button of Windows. But with Windows 8 you can create your own shortcuts icon for to easily access all applications. After creating shortcuts you can easily access all applications by double-clicking on the shortcuts icon from the desktop screen if you want to access all applications from the Start Screen then you can easily add this shortcut to the Start Screen.

How to create shortcuts for all applications?

Step 1
Right-click on the Desktop screen and select "Shortcuts" from the new option, as in.
Step 2
In the create shortcuts window enter the following path and click "Next".
%windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{2559a1f8-21d7-11d4-bdaf-00c04f60b9f0}
Step 3
In this step enter your shortcuts name and click "Finish".
Step 4
On the Desktop screen, a shortcut icon has been created, as in.
Step 5
If we want to change this icon then right-click this icon and select "Properties".
Step 6
In the properties window go to the "shortcuts" tab and click the "change" icon; see.
Step 7
In the change icons window choose your icon and click "OK".
Step 8
Double-click on the shortcuts icon; all applications window will be opened, as in.


In this article, we learned about Create All Applications Shortcut in Windows 8. 

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