How to Live Without the Start Button in Windows 8


In this article, we are explaining how to live without the Start button in Windows 8. The Windows 8 Desktop looks just like in Windows 7, but the main difference is, Windows 8 does not have a Start button. The Metro-style Start screen is our new Start menu.

How to Live Without the Start Button in Windows 8

Step 1
First, we start the Windows 8 start screen.
Step 2
Then we enter the Desktop and see the hot corner in the Windows 8 Desktop, as in.
Step 3
Right-click on the hot corner in Windows 8 Desktop and we will see a list with many administrative options. We can access the Control Panel, Windows Explorer, Task Manager, Device Manager, Run dialog, and other administrative screens.
Step 4
Then we press the Windows key in Windows 8 and open the apps search and type the app's name which we want to search for then press Enter.
Step 5
After that process, right-click on the start screen to bring up the menu and click all apps at the bottom of the screen. Then we will see a full list of all the programs in Windows 8.
Step 6
We will see a full list of the applications. Then we scroll from the left to the right using the scroll wheel to view all available applications.
Step 7
Right-click an app here and we can select "Pin to Start." This is equivalent to pinning an app to the classic Start menu.
Step 8
Apps that we've pinned will appear on our Start screen as tiles, even if they're not Metro-style apps.
Step 9
From the Start screen, right-click an app and select Pin to Taskbar in Windows 8.
Step 10
Then we use notepad in the taskbar on the desktop applications.
After this process, we can still pin an app to the taskbar from the desktop by right-clicking its icon when it's running and selecting the old pin option.


In this article, we learned about How to Live Without the Start Button in Windows 8.