Read Document in Inverted Mode in Word 2013

Read Document in inverted Mode

When you read a long document in Word 2013 with a white background, it might effect your laptop's battery life, your eye vision and your sanity. So Word 2013 provides a better alternative; to read the document in inverted mode.

Reading black text on a white background is harmful for several reasons. It consumes more battery life, is harder to read in bright light and causes vision problems.

In this article you will learn how to read a Word document in inverted mode.

Use the following to read the Word document in Inverted mode.

Step 1

Open your Word document that you want to read.


Step 2

Click on the View tab and choose Read mode button.


Step 3

Now your document goes into read mode and all buttons will be hidden because the focus is on the content. But the page background color will be white by default. To change the page color to inverse click  View -> Page Color -> Inverse.


Step 4

Now the white background will change to black and the text is converted to white.


Step 5

Now when you want to return to Edit mode, click View -> Edit Document: