Check-In a Site Page in SharePoint 2013


In my previous article we learned how to check out the SharePoint Page, in this article I would like to share the procedure to check-in the site pages in SharePoint.

Need to check-out and check-in

  • In a SharePoint Document Library, you have one way to control the document collaboration by using the “Require Check Out”. Especially when multiple users have access to this library.
  • If you have checked out the file, other users cannot change the file. Other users can edit the documents only when you have checked-in the files.
  • You are also preventing other people from seeing the latest changes or making changes themselves, so it is important that you check files back in promptly.

Procedure for check-in the site pages

Use the following procedure to check-in a site page.

Step 1

Go to the page in your site that you want to check in.

Events page in office 365

Step 2

Select the “PAGE” tab on your SharePoint Page as shown below:

Content Search in office 365

Step 3

On the top ribbon click on the “Check-In” option from the Edit group.  

Step 3

Step 4

When you click on the check-in, you will get the pop-up to fill in the comments as shown below:

Check in office365

Step 5

Then provide your comments in the text box and click on “Continue” to check-in the page.

Step 5

Finally your page will be checked-in successfully.