Create Enterprise Wiki Site Collection in SharePoint 2013 Online


In this article I would like to share how to create an Enterprise Wiki Site Collection in SharePoint 2013 online using the Admin Portal.

Enterprise Wiki Site

  • An Enterprise Wiki is the publishing site.
  • It is used to share and update the large volume of information across an enterprise.
  • Consider creating an Enterprise Wiki Center If an organization needs an easy content editing experience in a single location for co-authoring content, conducting discussions and managing reports.

Procedure to create an Enterprise Wiki Center site collection

Step 1:
Open the “Microsoft Online Portal” (Admin Center) in your browser,


Provide the username and password to login to the portal, then you will be navigated to the online portal (Admin Center) as shown below:

Office 365 Admin Server

Step 2: Then click on the “Admin” dropdown on the portal. On the dropdown select the “SharePoint” as shown below:

Selecting Admin on Portal

Step 3: When you click on the SharePoint, you will be navigated to “SharePoint Admin center” as shown below:

SharePoint Admin Center

Step 4: Click on the “New” from the ribbon bar as shown in the following and then select the “private site collection":

Private Site Collection

Step 5: Then you will get the dialog box to create the site collection, when you select the private site collection as shown below:

Creating Site Collection

Step 6: On the dialog box select the “Publishing tab” to create an Enterprise Wiki Center and select the “Enterprise Wiki” template as shown below:

Enterprise Wiki Template

Step 7: Then provide the following details on the dialog box as you need:

  • Title
  • Web site address
  • SharePoint version
  • Language
  • Type of template
  • Time zone
  • Administrator of site collection
  • Storage quota
  • Server response quota

After providing all the preceding details click “Ok” to create the site collection.

Final Step of Site Collection

Finally the “Enterprise Wiki” site collection will be created successfully.


In this article we explored how to create an Enterprise Wiki site collection in SharePoint.