Drag and Drop Option in SharePoint 2013 Document Library

In this article I would like to share a way to upload the document and edit the document properties in a SharePoint 2013 Document Library.

How to upload the document by drag and drop

“A Document Library is a collection of files that you can share with you team members as documents.”

Use the following procedure to upload the document using drag and drop in a SharePoint2013 Document Library.

Step 1: Open the Document Library in SharePoint that you have created already.

document library

Step 2: Open the Windows Explorer in your machine as shown below:

window explorer

Step 3: Then drag the document from the Windows Explorer and drop it into your Document Library as shown below:

drag the document from your windows

Step 4: When you have dropped the document, you can see the upload progress as in the following:

ploading progress

The document will be uploaded after the progress has completed.

Document Uploaded
How to edit the document properties in a library

Use the following procedure to edit document properties:

Step 1: Go to your library as shown below:


Step 2: Check on the document you want to edit the properties of.

Edit the properties

Step 3: Then click on "Files" in the top ribbon bar as shown below:

ribbon bar

Step 4: On the ribbon there will be an option to edit the properties for the selected document. Then click on “Edit Properties” from the ribbon, you will get the following page.

checked document

Step 5: On the edit page you can provide the title and also you can change the document as your wish.

change the document

Step 6: Then click on the “Save” button to save the changes. Document properties will be edited.

save the changes

For edit and delete the document you can visit the following article:

Document Library Creation in SharePoint 2013 Online


In this article we have explored drag and drop to the document in a SharePoint Document Library and how to edit the document properties.