How To Develop Universal Application In Windows 10


If you want to develop a universal application you need the following things:
  1. Windows 10 installed
  2. Visual Studio Community/Pro/Enterprise 2015
  3. Universal App SDK
Some people are facing an issue with the third point, this includes me and many of my friends. Now I have found a way to solve it and want to share it with you guys.
The general way to install SDK is when you create a universal app project it asks you to install the SDK and gives you the option there. When you click it the installation starts but some people have an issue that after the installation they still see the same option in VS 2015 and can’t create the project.

So here is what you need to do

Open Program and Features in your control panel and search for "Windows Software Development Kit". If it is installed, then uninstall it.
After uninstalling it, select "Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2015" and click "Change".
A new dialog of Visual Studio will open giving you three options. Select "Modify".
visual studio  
The next screen will give you the option to select multiple features to be installed. Select "Universal Windows App Development Tools" it will automatically select all the sub-menus in it. It will require 4GB of download approx.
window app devlopement tool
Then click on "UPDATE". The next step will require some time, for me it was around 3 hours! It may seem that the setup has been stuck but it will make a jump move after some time. So don't panic, just wait!
After the update, it will notify you. Then restart your PC.
Now open Visual Studio, Click on a new project, select Universal in Windows and there you go, now you can create Universal Apps. SDK has been installed and integrated in VS 2015.
blank app


In this article, we learned about how to develop a universal application in Windows 10. 

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