How to Add a Network Printer to Printer Server


In today's article you will learn about how to add a Network Printer to a Printer Server.

Step 1

First of all open your "Administrative Tools" from the Start Menu.

network printer1.jpg

In the Admin Tools an option will be available that will be named "Print Management", double-click on this option to open it.

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Step 2

Now your Print Management Wizard will get opened, here on the left pane many options will be available named like "Print Server", "Printers", "Filters" etcetera and on the right hand side an "Action Pane" will be available.

network printer3.jpg

Now expand "Print Servers" in which the server is located.

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Step 3

Now expand your Server Name then under your Server Name "Drivers, Ports, Printers" etcetera will be available.

network printer5.jpg

Right-click on the Printers and choose to Add New Printers.

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Step 4

Now the Network Printer Installation Wizard will be opened, in this wizard first select the first option, in other words "Search the Network for Printers" and then click on the "Next" button.

network printer7.jpg

Now the search will begin and it will start searching the printers that are on the server.

network printer8.jpg

Step 5

After the search is completed, select one of the printers and then click on the "Next" button.

network printer9.jpg

After that, provide the name for the printer and check to share it on the network, also provide the Share Name and Location for this printer.

network printer10.jpg

Now some brief description will be displayed on the Final page and now if you click on the next button then it will start installing the Network Printer on the Print Server.

network printer11.jpg

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