How to Make Client (Windows 7) of Domain Windows Server 2012


In today's article you will learn how to make a Client (Windows 7) of Domain Windows Server 2012.

For this there are two things necessary on your system, First is Windows 7 and the second is Windows Server 2012.

Step 1

Open your Windows 7 and right-click on the "Computer" Icon shown on the Desktop to get the Properties.

new domain2.jpg

Open the Properties; this will take you to the Control Panel of the System.

new domain3.jpg

Step 2

There is another way to reach the Control Panel of the System. Click on the Start Button provided at the Taskbar and click on Control Panel.

new domain7.jpg

Now in the Control Panel click on System.

new domain8.jpg

Step 3

The System applet of the Control Panel will be opened. Here on the left hand side click on the Advanced System Settings.

new domain3.jpg

Now the System Properties will be opened. Here go to the Computer Name. Here click on the Change Button.

new domain4.jpg

Step 4

Now a new window will be opened asking for the computer name and domain name. Provide the Computer Name and Domain Name.

new domain5.jpg

It will next ask for the User ID and Password, so provide both the ID and Password.

new domain6.jpg

Step 5

Now your Domain will be created.

new domain1.jpg

But you must restart your system to apply the changes.