How to Specify New IP Address Range Through DHCP Server


In my previous article I told you What to Install to Assign IP Address Through Windows Server 2012. Today's article will use those installed features to specify an IP Address Range.

In today's article you will learn about how to specify an IP Address Range using a DHCP Server in Windows Server 2012.

Until now you have installed DHCP Server and IP Address Management System (IPAM). Now we will work on the DHCP Server.

Step 1

From the Start Menu open the "Administrative Tools".


Now in the administrative tools you will see a list of options to be selected. From this list select "DHCP" and double-click on it to open it.


Step 2

In the DHCP you will see a server; beneath it, expand it to get IPV4 and IPV6.



Right-click on IPV4 to add "New Scope".


Step 3

Now a New Scope Wizard will be opened, here you just must click on the "Next" button.


Now the real work starts. The next page is for "IP Address Range", here you must provide the IP Range that will be distributed by the Scope. The Subnet Mask for the specified IP Address will be shown to you automatically.


After that click on the "Next" button.

Step 4

Now the "Exclude IP Address" page will be opened. Here you can specify a range to be excluded from the overall range of IP addresses. These excluded IP Addresses will not be assigned to anyone and these will remain preserved until you specifically provide them to a user. Provide the starting IP address and end IP address that you want preserved.


After providing the range click on the "Add" button to exclude them.


Step 5

Now the "Lease Duration Page" will be opened. Here you must provide the Time Limit for which the user is allowed to use the IP Address. After providing the Time limit click on "Next".


Now the "Configure Page" widow will be opened where you must provide the permission for configuring the DHCP Options. Click on "Yes" and then on the "Next" button.


Step 6

Now on the next page you must provide an IP Address for the Router but remember that you can only provide an IP Address from the Unreserved IP's only. A reserved IP Address also can't be provided to the Router.


On the next page you must provide the Domain Name and Server Name. Since I have created a separate domain, my Domain Name is automatically provided. If your Domain Name is not provided automatically then you must provide it explicitly.


After providing the Server Name and Domain Name click on the "Next" button.

Step 7

The next page is for the Win Server. You don't need to provide anything here, so just click on "Next".


Now you must only finish the work by clicking the "Finish" button.


Step 8

Now under the IPV4 you will see that a New Scope is added showing the IP Address to be distributed.


If your IPV4 is not showing the Green Mark and instead it's showing a Blue Mark then Right-click on the Scope and select "Activate". After this IPV4 will start showing the Green tick mark.

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