Binding CheckBoxList in ASP.Net MVC 2


I would like to share how to bind the checkbox list in MVC. I will use a Model (a class file) to define various attributes for checkboxes.

For a basic understanding of MVC kindly use the following link:

ASP.NET MVC Overview

The following is the procedure.

1. Creating Model
Creating Model
We created a "SubjectModel" class under the Models folder and defined the following two properties:

  1. Subject: to display text
  2. Selected: to display check/uncheck

2. Creating the controller
Creating Controller

  • We created a Controller "BindingCheckBoxController" under the controllers folder
  • We created an Action having the name = "DisplaycheckBoxes"
  • We created a list of Subjects (Subject model class)
  • Returning a list of subjects to the View.

  1. public ActionResult DisplayCheckboxes()  
  2. {  
  3.     List<SubjectModel> listsubject = new List<SubjectModel>();  
  4.     listsubject.Add(new SubjectModel("Physics",true));  
  5.     listsubject.Add(new SubjectModel("Chemistry",true));  
  6.     listsubject.Add(new SubjectModel("History",false));  
  7.     listsubject.Add(new SubjectModel("Maths",false));  
  8.     listsubject.Add(new SubjectModel("Boilogy",false));  
  9.     listsubject.Add(new SubjectModel("Hindi",true));    
  10.     ViewData["Checkboxlist"]=listsubject;  
  11.     return View();  
  12. } 

3. Creating View

Right-click on "Action" and click on "Create view". The following screen will be displayed.
Code at View

  • Click on the "Add" button and the View will be created. Here we are not creating a strongly typed view.

4. Code at view
Code at View

Here we have a view and we are trying to bind a Checkbox using Model properties.

  • At the highlighted code we are parsing the list of "SubjectModel" from ViewData["Checkboxlist"]) as in the following:
    <% foreach (var info in (IEnumerable<MVCtest.Models.SubjectModel>)ViewData["Checkboxlist"])

    We have passed Viewdata["Checkboxlist"] from the Controller (from the above, point 2.d).
  • We have used a foreach loop on the list of subjects.
  • We are using a HTML helper class to bind the Checkboxlist

5. Output

Application Output

6. Binding checkboxes through strongly typed view

Binding CheckBox

  • We have created a strongly typed view.
  • We have selected the "SubjectModel" class from the view data class dropdown.
  • We have made small changes while passing an object of the list to the view.

The following would be the updated code for the Action:

  1. public ActionResult DisplayCheckboxes ()  
  2. {  
  3.      List<SubjectModel> listsubject = new List<SubjectModel>();  
  4.      listsubject.Add(new SubjectModel("Physics"true));  
  5.      listsubject.Add(new SubjectModel("Chemistry"true));  
  6.      listsubject.Add(new SubjectModel("History"false));  
  7.      listsubject.Add(new SubjectModel("Maths"false));  
  8.      listsubject.Add(new SubjectModel("Boilogy"false));  
  9.      listsubject.Add(new SubjectModel("Hindi"true));  
  10.      return View(listsubject);  
  11. } 

7. Code at view

For a strongly typed view we have the following code.

The preceding line inherits "SubjectModel", which implies that the view is coupled with the Model.
Using a foreach loop as per the following, we can display a list of checkboxes using the DOM.

foreach loop to display list of checkbox

8. Output

We will get the same output as from point 5.

In this article, we have learned how to bind a checkbox list using MVC2. We have learned two ways to bind checkboxes; using a strongly typed view and without using a strongly typed view.


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