Use Visual Studio 2013 With Github

You can start using the decentralized version control Github before writing your first line of code with virtually at no cost or risk. 

You get many benefits, including the ability to return to a state earlier known every time you encounter a problem. When you need to switch among contexts, you can quickly create a private local branch. Later, you can publish the branch or delete it.

You can use Visual Studio and Git to collaborate with your team using Team Foundation Server.

Before beginning you need Visual Studio 2013.

visual stusio

What to do

Get access to a team project:



Create a Github account.


welcome to GitHub

Create New Directory:

your repositories

project manager

quick setup

Open Visual Studio 2013 Professional:

new project

windows form application

Add a "Button" and a "Label".


Double-click on the Button and write the command:

Label.text = "Hello Tek Up";

cs code

"File" -> "Add to Source Control".

add source control

Choose GIT:

Choose source

Paste the directory link:

Paste the directory

Click "Changes":

Click Changes



Then synchronize with GitHub.

outgoing commits

takeup project