Hosting Mobile WebSite Under IIS


In this article we will see how to host a mobile website under Internet Information Services (IIS).


First we have to create a mobile web application. For how to create a mobile web site see my previous article Developing Mobile Pages.

Once we have created our mobile pages the testing of the mobile pages is not as easy as you think; for testing of mobile pages you can use desktop browsers as well as Mobile Emulators. With desktop browsers you can test by direst debugging application but in mobile emulators first we have to host our website under IIS. In my next article I'll explain how to test mobile pages in mobile emulators. This article is the prerequesite for the next article. For testing mobile pages in an emulator we have to host the website first under IIS.

Hosting Website:

Check out the following screenshot which will help you to host the website under IIS.

  1. Open IIS Manager

  2. Right click on Default Web Site->New->Virtual Directory which will open the following screen.

  3. Provide a virtual name by which you want to access your website while typing URL. And click on next.
  4. The next screen will ask you to provide the physical content of your application.

  5. On the next screen it will ask you the permission setting for you website. Select all permission and click on next and then finish.

  6. After finishing website creation your web site is created.

  7. Now test whether your website is working or not. To do that open your browser and type the url like below or you can type your IP address also instead of localhost.



In this manner we can host our website under IIS. In the next article we will see how to display mobile pages in emulators.