Drag Drop Not Working in Windows 8


Today the I faced a strange problem when I started my Windows 8 system. Drag-Drop was not working. I was unable to move desktop icons, emails in outlook, files from one folder to another, etc.
I would like to share the solution here in case someone else faces the same problem:

Run the command prompt as administrator

Step 1
type dcomcnfg and press enter
Step 2 
Expand Console Root -> Component Services -> Computers -> My Computer.
Right-click My Computer and choose Properties; see:
Step 3
Go to the COM Security tab -> Access Permissions click Edit Default; as in:
Step 4 
Both System and Interactive should be listed with Allow Access. If either is missing, add them by clicking Add. See:
Step 5 
The location should have the local computer name and click advanced; as in:
Step 6 
Click "Find Now" and select "Interactive" or "System" as appropriate, as in:
Step 7 
Click OK.
Step 8 
Allow must be checked on Local Access for both users and click OK, as in:
Step 9 
And you are done. Now you can drag and drop.


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