Create and Schedule a Job in SQL Server 2008

This article explains how to create a new SQL Server job, how to schedule a job and how to set an alert for a job.


Step 1

Open SQL Server. Here I am creating a job to take a backup of my MyCompany database.

                                                                           Image 1

Step 2

Explore SQL Server Agent -> Jobs -> New Job.

new job
                                                                              Image 2

Step 3

Here in general tab provide a name and description of the job.

                                                                              Image 3

Step 4

Click OK. See your newly created job under jobs. Double-click on this job.

my companyDB
                                                                              Image 4

Step 5

Select Steps then click New.

new steps
                                                                              Image 5

Step 6

Here enter the Step Name and write a backup command then click OK.

backup command
                                                                                 Image 6

my company database backup
                                                                              Image 7

Step 7

Now click the Schedule Option in the left panel then select New then enter a Schedule Name and Schedule Type then click OK.

occurs once
                                                                              Image 8

Step 8

Now click on Alerts In the left panel then click ADD.

                                                                              Image 9

Step 9

Now click on Notifications in the left panel.

Notifications in Left Panel
                                                                              Image 10

Step 10: Now click Targets in the left panel.

Targets in Left Panel
                                                                         Image 11

Click Ok. Your job is ready.

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