Showing List data from one site in another Site in SharePoint

In this article I am showing you how to display data from a list in another site. Here I am using Data view web part to do that.

Open the site and the page where you want to display the list in SharePoint Designer.

Open SharePoint Designer and choose "Open Site..." from the File menu give the site url and open the page by checking out the same.

From The Data View Tab click on Insert Data View by selecting the region where you want to insert the data view.


In the Data Source Library Task Pane, select "Connect to another library"; this will help us to retrieve data from another SharePoint list.


You will get a pop up as shown below. Click "Add".


Type a display name (any name to identify). Type in the URL to the site where the list exists. Click OK.


Click OK. Once successfully added you will get a screen like below. Click OK.


Click OK Data source Library section and then expand the new Library to find the list we want to insert. Click on the menu and select Show Data.


You are done with the changes. Now just drag and drop the items you want to the data view. Go back to your browser and select the page where you added the dataview. Now you can see the data pulled from the list inside your site.