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About RIM

Rim may refer to:

  • Rim (coin), the sharp circular (or otherwise shaped) edge which surrounds the coin design
  • Rim (craters), the part of a crater that extends above the height of the local surface
  • Rim (firearms), a projection machined into the bottom of a firearms cartridge
  • Rim (novel), by Alexander Besher
  • Rim (wheel), the outer part of a wheel on which the tire is mounted
  • Rim (basketball), part of equipment for basketball
    • Breakaway rim, a specialized rim capable of sustaining forceful dunks
  • Rim, Nepal
  • Rim, Crnomelj, a village in the Municipality of Crnomelj, southeastern Slovenia
  • Rim, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, a village near Vrbovsko, Croatia

RIM may stand for:

  • Royal Indian Marine, the name of the British colonial navy of India from 1892 to 1934
  • BlackBerry, Formerly known as Research In Motion, a Canadian wireless-device company
  • Recording Industry Association of Malaysia
  • Red Island Minerals, Western Australia-based coal development company
  • Responsible information management
  • Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, an international Maoist organization
  • Reaction injection molding, a type of processing for network polymers
  • Remote Integrated Multiplexer, a term for digital loop carrier in Australia
  • Remote Infrastructure Management, a 2nd/3rd line computer support team
  • Reference Information Model, a specification created by HL7
  • Reb Itche Meir (Rabbi Yitzchak Meir Alter), the first Gerrer Rebbe
  • The US Military designation for a ship-launched, intercept guided missile; examples include
    • RIM-66 Standard missile
    • RIM-7 Sea Sparrow


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