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For me, C# corner gave me confidence. one day when I'm searching for some solution on the internet I found C# corner. Then I found this best community to learn and share our knowledge with the world. I started writing my articles and got good responses that gave me more confidence. Editors over here are really good and supportive, who help me to publish good articles. I believe C# Corner is one of the best communities for me.

Saravanan PonnusamyNamakkal India

C# Corner is an awesome platform for professionals, where everyone can share and learn. It has helped me develop cutting-edge technical skills. It's a teacher who teaches us in a friendly environment.

What a lovely site it is. I must say I am really happy to be a part of C# Corner. Thanks to all C# Corner team. Keep it up..!!!

Kapi ShivhareNoida India

Hi,Thank you so much C# Corner for being part of my life, First, I started as C# Corner Author, then, became Executive Chapter member. After that, I was surprised to be in the list of C# Corner MVPs . And now, I am a Microsoft MVP. Here, I have learned much more than expected. Today, I can proudly say that C# Corner is the start of second part of my life.Thanks to all C#Corner Family Members...

Anbu ManiChennai India

I believe C# Corner is one of the best communities for me. It offers strong reference and is an interactive community with thousands of active members. I can learn through it and get benefitted more. I confess that when joined the C# Corner in 2012, I was not very active and not very interested but over time, I became more and more used to of it and started following many authors, categories which has helped me learn a lot.

Mamoun OmerDubai United Arab Emirates

C# Corner is not just a technical content sharing platform but it has helped me to be what I am today. My technical articles have been viewed more than half million times on C# Corner. I published my first Windows Phone 8.1 platform app development eBook on C# Corner. This platform helped me to grow and helped me to achieve my dream, i.e., Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award. C# Corner has recognized my contributions towards IT community by rewarding me C# Corner MVP award for three times. I am always thankful to C# Corner and hope to contribute more and more on this platform.

Rahat YasirSASKATOON Canada

C# corner is the great community and It is for anyone who loves to share and learn technology. It is a knowledge bank where two types of people come, one who wants to learn technology, and the second, who wants to share technology. And the best part is, this is for all professionals who uses Microsoft technologies. Big thanks to the C# Corner team for doing great job and because of you, we are now connected with global community.

Subramanyam Raju Hyderbad India

C# Corner is really a very helpful community. It has helped me in my learning and given direction to my IT career. Also one of the best community worldwide for software professionals, headed by the software professionals where people share their knowledge. Thank you very much C# Corner Team.

Nikhil Sanganisurat India

I always wanted to write and C# Corner gave me that opportunity. I started on May 26, 2019, by writing some blogs and articles. Thereby, I enjoyed it so well. Moreover, I've seen that everyone within this community shares their expertise, regardless of specialty. Today, I always make time to at least read the latest news, blogs, and articles. I love and I'm proud of this community.

Jin Vincent NecesarioMakati Philippines

Day by day, I am getting inspired and happy by helping others at forum reply, reading articles, blogs, news, etc. I feel I am the gainer now. Today, I really feel happy to spend my time to contribute to C# Corner. Thanks a lot C# Corner and Team.

Rajanikant HawaldarBangalore India

it's a great place where I get a lot of information and query discussions related to new technologies. Also, I can share my problem too to get an expert solution... It is such a wonderful place for developers...

Vishal SharmaGhaziabad India

An excellent place to learn and share knowledge. It has helped me utilize my time in a better way. Thank you C# Corner for coming to my life.

C# Corner is the best platform with all updated and latest knowledge shared by skilled developers/helpers/teachers etc. The portal gives opportunity to everyone and helps them shine by exposing the best out of them. Everyone, keep rocking on C# Corner !!!!!

Ankit KanojiaBharuch India

C# Corner is a very good platform to expose your skills, quality learning materials to sharpen your knowledge.

I am an Information Technology engineering student, and this website has given me chance to communicate with developer friends from all over the world and talk about computer science and programming questions. I am glad to be a member of C# Corner family and I hope this website will grow comprehensively.

Joe Wilson Iran, Islamic Republic

In the year of 2012, I came to know about the communities and how people are helping each other in our professional world. I joined C# corner, which was my first step towards community contribution. As you all know starting things are pretty much easy, continuing is not. There was no participation’s from my end for another two years, I got buried in my office works.In the year of 2014, I logged in to C# corner again and started contributing community. There I received a much warm welcome from all the C# corner family members. I really appreciate that. Many thanks to C# corner. And from 2014, I was in the monthly winners list of C# corner several times, and my articles were selected in Asp.Net as article of the day. These things really motivated me to contribute more.In Jan 2015, I was awarded as C# corner MVP, my first C# Corner MVP award. I was really happy and I was given a chance to be a part of C# Corner annual conference as a result. That was the place where I got to know about the Microsoft MVP program. I had set my goal towards becoming a Microsoft MVP.In Jan 2016, I was awarded C# Corner MVP second time. I was super excited to see my contributions were recognized. 2016, April 1st was the day which I can never forget in my life. There is a saying “Patience pays off”. It is true, I got rewarded for my patience and hard work. I would treat this as one of the great achievement in my life. I was super charged to read a mail received in my mail box, saying that I had been selected as Microsoft MVP. Upcoming days were fantastic, each day my inbox was filled with appreciation mails and congratulations from my colleagues and friends. My image was published in my company website. I felt proud when I saw that. That was cool right? I can always say these things had happened to me because of C# Corner. Love you lot :)

Sibeesh VenuPforzheim Germany

Prior to joining C# Corner community, when I faced problems with Windows Forms application programming, I used to try solving them with the help of the internet but the number of expected answers was very limited. One day, I found this nice community, C# Corner where I could get the best solutions to all my queries and got a lot of information about my favorite language, i.e., C#.Now, I Thank you C# Corner family for introducing me to it and making my life as a programmer way easier.

Mujeeb MohammedSana'a Yemen

C# Corner is an awesome platform for all kind of developers either they are beginner or expert. Everyone can learn and share knowledge with C# Corner family and others. Before joining C# corner, I used to open Facebook every morning but since last 1.5 year, I open C# Corner website and read the latest news, articles, blogs, and and Q&A to help me improve. I am very proud to be a member of the C# Corner Community.

Faisal PathanSurat India

I would like to take this opportunity to give a big thanks to c-sharpcorner family, since this community is helping all the developer all over the world. Before I joined in this community I didn't know, what this community is all about. When I was searching for a solution and I reached into this website. After some days, I thought to help other developers like me who get stuck in their project and than I started sharing what I knew. Once I started sharing my knowledge, I gained more knowledge and now, I've improved my presentation skills, communication skills, and coding skills. Today, I'm more addicted to C# Corner than Facebook. I've learned a lot from other authors.

Rafnas T PBangalore India

Initially, I was not good at blogging and writing technical articles, but In 2014, I was preparing for my first .NET project and every time I search over the Internet for some code glitch, I found a perfect solution in the form of articles here on C# Corner. That was the first time I understood the articulate meaning of writing. Still I had not started writing but then at one time, while working on some work at my firm, I had this urge to write one tutorial on .NET. Having no idea what to include in the tutorial, I included everything (introduction, procedure, process), and posted on the C# Corner. On the very next day, I found this notification telling that my article was approved. That was the first memorable day in my company. The second was when I got my first C# Corner MVP and after that, I had my life in a very different horizon. From that day to this day, I am really very happy to be the part of C# Corner family who had given me such a nice platform to share knowledge. I hope, this path continues forever and we just write and write and write every time with some new and fresh content that is related to the relevant technologies.

Nilesh JadavAhmedabad India

Thanks a lot C# Corner for providing such a valuable platform and being a part of my life. I have learned so many new things from C# Corner site.I can simply say - learning sharing knowledge = C# Corner.

Rajesh GamiAhmedabad India

I had very less knowledge of ASP.NET. I used to learn from different blogging websites but I have found C# Corner the best place to learn. After some time, I thought why not share some knowledge with the community people and then I started writing blogs and articles. People started liking my blogs and articles. It encouraged me to write more and more. When C# Corner announced MVPs recently. I found my name in that list. I am very happy and proud to say that this community has changed my life. I can show my content to my colleagues and interviewers. Now, after learning from this amazing portal, I have become a full-stack developer. Thank you so much C# Corner!

Farhan AhmedBengaluru India

In this era where everyone is running in the race of overcoming the time factor, it is hard to find the solution to your programming-related problems by reading a lot of resources, many of which are not at all relevant. It is not only time consuming but takes a lot of energy and patience as well. Thanks to C# Corner for coming to the rescue. I think C# Corner is the best place where all developers and professionals have come together to build a community for solving programmers' problems. I am glad to be a part of C# Corner because here, I can easily find out solutions under one roof to my real world problems faced during programming. Interestingly, I don't have to worry about searching and reading a lot of extra stuff to get my solution. Thank you C# corner for being my companion in programming life.

Mohsin ArifKarachi Pakistan

C# Corner is really a very helpful website. It has helped me in my learning and directing towards my IT career. Thank you very much C# Corner Team.

lassoued med Tunisia

I started on C# Corner browsing .net articles back in the 2000s. It was a great platform to catch up on Microsoft technologies. I started contributing in 2019 posting content and code onto the platform. In my first article, I wrote in a simple way showing steps that resulted in getting the code up and running on the Azure cloud. That was the style which I think was liked by the readers. I did the same on different articles presenting the technology and code in a simple way. I presented my views which were my understanding of the agile methodology. Those articles came out well from the readers' point of view. I got my C# Corner MVP award which was a great achievement for me. I thank the C# Corner platform team for giving me an opportunity to participate and contribute.

Bhagvan KommadiHyderabad India

C# Corner is as fantastic as the name is. From every corner of C# developers are obliged to be a part of this site. Proud be to part of C# Corner. Sharing the knowledge and learning things is best thing over here. Last but not least I am in love with UI of this site(Best one I can say whatever I have seen so far in online global community).

Amatya GuptaBangalore India

In a beautiful day of my life, I was doing some internet search and landed on C# Corner community. That's it, I learned a lot from here. Then, I started writing articles over here. Again, this community helped me in writing for different areas too. Editors over here are really good folks, who help you in authoring a good article. In a nutshell, this community is combo package where you can get everything related to technologies on single location. Simply Best!

Waqas Sarwardearborn USA

HI.. It is a great experience to be a part of C# Corner team.. The information about technology is very helpful. Many topics are covered here, like job related questions, companies, news, upcoming trends, and more.. It is a wonderful community and I am very thankful to all the members. C# Corner rocks..

"C# corner is a very efficient resource for .NET developers. It helped me in developing several real-world projects using the .NET framework.Thank you C# Corner!

C# Corner is one of the best community worldwide for software professionals, headed by the software professionals where people share their knowledge, career advice etc. and also help others to grow in their career.

Kunal ChowdhuryKolkata India

For me, C# Corner been the parent mentor site from the beginning of my career. This is the gateway to the various technologies where you can directly interact with mentors and alike tech professionals. Great platform to learn and share. This is completely learning motivation and confidence building platform for all tech lovers where our GenNext are guided from industry experts on what Next. With no exception, I also share learnings on this platform. Thank Mahesh sir and Team for amazing platform.

One day, I found a very nice community, C# Corner, that has helped me learn and share my knowledge. C# Corner has given me a platform to expand my knowledge and explore many upcoming opportunities. I really thank C# Corner community to give me a nice platform. And of course, I got my first ever MVP Award from C# Corner last year. It has been a proud moment to be a member of this community.

Muhammad Aqib ShehzadIslamabad Pakistan

I am a fresher in software field. From the beginning of my career, I used to read articles and news here. It is a great platform to acquire knowledge.

Anil CmIdukki India

I would like to thank C# Corner team for being a vital part of my life ever since I joined here. C# Corner is helping a very large circle of developers around the world, and like everyone, I am acquiring a lot of new tech knowledge every day through C# Corner.

I can't say it has changed my life but certainly, my first choice out of many Google results returns here when I come across a tricky issue or a issue I want to learn about. Great posts by some very talented engineers can be found here.

Sam Tran Australia

I always learn new things from here. C# Corner is the best platform for me because it has provided me the opportunity of learning new technologies. Thanks, C# Corner team.

Md SarfarajSamastipur India

C# corner is a very interesting site. When I search for anything related to C# development on Google, the first thing that comes up with a solution is the C# Corner article because C# Corner team always provides the best solution to my problems. Everything is defined step-by-steps to give really a nice idea of the technology.Thanks a lot C# Corner Team!!!

Great !! I really appreciate the effort to have put in leading our team's current project. I know C# Corner have been putting in a lot of extra time, and truly inspiring and getting the most out of the skills and talents of our team members. A number of them have expressed to me their gratitude for the one-on-one guidance and support C# Corner provided them, particularly as deadlines loom. I’ve been analyzing C# Corner project’s benchmarks, and it’s clear that our great work is paying off in tangible results. I'm so happy to see our leadership yielding such success through C# Corner!Thanks Nazmul Badsha

Nazmul BadshaChittagong Bangladesh

I started blogging in 2014 but I wasn't good at it. In June 2014, I created an account in C# Corner. Before that, I was mostly answering forum questions. on advice of my mentor, Tadit Dash, I submitted my first article on C# Corner in June 2015. My work was recognized and I won an award for that. Then came the most happiest moment of my life. I received the MVP from C# Corner. I was overwhelmed because that was the first International award I have ever received.

Rajeesh MenothEdappal India

While searching a way to host my MVC application I stumbled upon a related question asked in ASP.NET Forum. After Scrolling down, I got the Afzaal's answer which solved my problem. I followed his articles that led me to C# Corner. That was the day I joined the fascinating C-sharp Corner community. Since then, I have learned a lot from here, and got a lot of inspiration and motivation. It has been a wonderful experience. Thank you C-sharp Corner family.

Ahmed Abdi Somalia

C# Corner is the only community where we have lot of technical stuff to learn, communicate, and to share the knowledge as well.. I am glad that I am also part of this great community ??My sincere thanks to the legends Mahesh Sir, Praveen Sir.

I have never seen this type of site that provides all the great features at one place. This is the best site for freshers and experienced for learning technologies and languages. Really, it's great and can save your professional life. It's helped me a lot in my learning, and now I feel proud when my articles and blogs help someone out there.At last, I would like to thank Mahesh and Praveen Sir and the C# Corner Team for this wonderful portal.

Rajkiran SwainDoha Qatar

It is part of my daily routine to surf C# Corner in the morning for my tech update. I have to say that the new android app is great as well. Thanks C# Corner team.

Pankaj NautiyalNew Delhi (Okhla Industrial Area) India

C# Corner is the best platform to learn and exercise our programming work. Undoubtedly, it offers a great knowledge and experience.

Sanghamitra MohantyKolkata India

C# corner is provided a excellent platform to learn and share knowledge. It helps professionals as well as for the students who are preparing to start career in IT field. I am very thankful that I am also part of this great community.

I still remember those days, when I was working in a start-up company. There, I was the only employee working on .NET technology. C# Corner was always there for me to help whenever I was stuck on a programming issue. I even used to post my queries in the forum and used to get the expert advice. Like others, I also decided to share my knowledge with others and found the C# Corner community the best place to getting started with articles and blogs writing. Interestingly, my contribution earned me a monthly winner award as well as an MVP award.Today, I thank C# Corner for helping me to kickstart my career as a software developer and recognizing my efforts.

Ranjit PowarPune India

C# Corner is my top favorite website that I visit daily to feed my tech hunger. With lots of articles and big community base, it helped me a lot to build my career. I daily read news and articles over here. I am really thankful to all C# Corner members for their contribution and efforts.

C-sharpcorner.com is an excellent site to learn and share knowledge. I would like to thanks for being a part of my education. Thank you so much C# Corner team.

Vikash KumarGurgaon India

C# Corner has actually helped me in a different ways. It has helped me utilize my time spent on internet in a better way. Earlier, I would spend 1 - 2 hours daily online on just watching videos and viewing pictures on Facebook and other platforms. But, when I started spending more time on C# Corner, I realized there is a better way to spend your time in a "better" or "productive" way while you are using internet.Now, I have a habit of spending daily an hour or so on C# Corner and I try to read articles on latest technologies and update my knowledge. I like the "Answers" section where I can go and post answer to someone's problem. This way it has helped me in brushing up my technical knowledge in different fields too.

Nilesh ShahToronto Canada

The comments and feedback I get on my C# Corner articles not only inspires me but also motivates me to do more. Thank you community.

Mahesh ChandPhiladelphia USA

Hello Friends, I joined C# Corner on Sep 08, 2014. It was my first day at C# Corner Delhi chapter. C# Corner has helped me a lot with learning technologies. Chapter events have been a fantastic resource for practical hands on and interactive learning. Thanks C# Corner.

Praveen KumarNew Delhi India

I’ve never thought of myself as a female engineer, or founder, or woman in tech. I just think of myself as someone who’s passionate. Thank you C# Corner and the entire community and yes there is a special guy behind these all desires and dreams. Building a brand means knowing your story and building and sharing that story(POSHAK.ONLINE). I read once it is pure mythology that women cannot perform as well as men in science, engineering, and mathematics. In my experience after actively working on this platform for myself, the opposite is true: Women are often more adept and patient at untangling complex problems, multitasking, seeing the possibilities in new solutions, and winning team support for collaborative action. I must say this, your value will be not what you know; it will be what you share. BE CONFIDENT | BE PASSIONATE | BE AGILE

Dipa MehtaSurat India

It's really an amazing experience writing our own article and blogs here. C# Corner is very good place for all the techies to build their own identity and profile. As a technologist, here you can grow very fast. Sharing your knowledge is a wonderful habit which I have learned from C# Corner. I am sure one day this will be world's number one Technical Forum. Wish you best of luck C# Corner.

Abhijit KakadePune India

C# Corner has really saved my life in tough situations at work. I am thankful to C# Corner team for providing a platform where all the information is freely available.

Tapan Mallick Malaysia

I would like to thank C# Corner team for being a part of my life. C# Corner is one of the world's largest IT based communities for software professionals. Everybody is free to learn a lot of technologies and business concept via online webinars and offline sessions. The best part of this community is that expert professionals share their experience, knowledge, and career advice etc. I joined this community in 2012 but only for learning that time. After a while, I got the confidence and enough knowledge to share . Now, I am awarded the monthly winner prize for 2-3 times. Really, it has changed my professional life. Thanks to Praveen sir, Dinesh Sir, Nitin Pandit and Atul Gupta; they have always supported me. I would like to suggest all the IT professionals out there, - Guys, join C# Corner and see your professional life growing.

An author is broadly defined as "the person who originates or gave existence to anything" and whose authorship determines responsibility for what was created. Narrowly defined, an author is the originator of any written work and can also be described as a writer.Being an author is not an easy profession to understand and explain until I visited C# Corner (www.c-sharpcorner.com) website. C# Corner is not just a site or a web portal but a form Sarasvati Mata to all the aspiring talents who is helping them to learn and share knowledge across millions of students, developers, programmers and even teachers.“Only the gardener knows how much efforts it takes to plant and grow a tree.”In this write up, I would like to share my journey and how life has changed in recent years since I joined C# Corner.My name is Kamal Singh Rawat. By profession, I am a Sr. Software Developer. Like any other developer, I had always been busy in projects, writing code and so on. I was spending my life as a typical developer. But I had no idea that my life is going to change soon.I may not be the best author in the world, but I truly believe in knowledge sharing and learning.So, here it goes. This is how it all started.I saw many authors got famous from C# Corner, got MVP awards and many more accolades. This encouraged me to post my first ever article.When I first published my article on C# Corner, it got rejected as I simply copied it from MSDN. It made me upset. But I decided not to give up. On Sep 23, 2012 I wrote another authentic article on Introduction to MSMQ while following proper guidelines. From then, I started writing articles and get into sharing. It has eventually become a regular habit.After that, I met with a youth icon, Dhananjay Kumar, a leading thinker. I inquired him about his way of working and he shared that its only passion that drives you to work hard to achieve your goal. Since then, C-Sharpcorner becomes my passion that has really changed my life.After that, C# Corner started chapters, local user group events and luckily one started in Mumbai to share, learn and develop network. This is when my life took a U-turn.It all started with a small discussion with none other than .Net Guru (Shivprasad Koirala) over some yummy and hot pizzas. We started with four people. This was the beginning of a U turn in my life. After that I was selected to lead the Mumbai chapter group and have done several events and webinars since then. The number is just keeps growing.And finally a big announcement came from C# Corner about its annual conference. It was an opportunity to meet and speak to C# Corner MVPs and many other renowned speakers around the world. I was one of the speakers. It was an amazing experience.This is all about community, knowledge sharing and passion which changed my life.I know it is a lot to read but I wanted to say that today, people know me. I have a good career and it’s all because of community sharing. The power and reach of the community is limitless.“Ek boond knowledge kisi ki zindigi badal sakta hai…”I hope you enjoyed reading my little story.Thanks,C# Corner Rock. ):

I was searching for my first Job in January 2015 in IT field but due to the tag of a 'Fresher', I wasn't considered by companies. I thought, I may not have technical knowledge to be a part of the software development industry. At that time, I was so depressed and helpless and was thinking of starting job at a Call Center. I was surfing Facebook, and found one post of 'DJ' that he is organizing a free workshop on AngularJS in Noida. I registered for that. That was the day, I became a part of C# Corner. On 21st February, I went to attend the workshop and met Atul Sir and Dinesh Sir in the morning. I was a stranger there and they greeted me so nicely and asked me to wait until the workshop starts. Then, the star icon came, Dhananjay Sir (DJ) who started teaching JavaScript so nicely that he became my inspiration. I decided not to leave the software field. He inspired me to learn more and share more.From that day, I started writing technical articles, created some videos and by sharing knowledge most of my articles were selected as Article of the Day by Microsoft ASP.NET Community, C# Corner people considered me as their MVP and the main part here is, I also received my first Microsoft MVP Award, the precious one.Also, I got my dream job, in one of the top companies of the world i.e. HCL Technologies Ltd. as a Software Engineer.I got all this in the span of one year and my all thanks and credit goes to C# Corner Team and Community. They are the people, who make other people's dream come true. Thanks to all for this platform. I am nothing without it.

Ankit BansalDelhi India

I want to say by heart that C# Corner is among the greatest Tech communities in the world. Here, newcomers are always appreciated and guided. You can learn a lot of technologies at just one place and the greatest thing is that with their app, you can access information offline also.

Mukesh KumarNoida India

C# Corner has been a vital part of my life since when I joined here. C# Corner is helping a very large circle of developers around the world, and like everyone, I am acquiring a lot of new tech knowledge every day, through C# Corner.

Vignesh ManiChennai India

An excellent place to learn and share knowledge. Thank you C# Corner for coming in my life.

Sundaram SubramanianThiruvananthapuram India

I would like to thank C# Corner for being a part of this community. C# Corner is one of the best community for software professionals. It is an offline community where professionals share their experiences, knowledge, career advice etc. I joined this community in 2011, and since then I have learnt a lot more about new technologies (web/mobile) and really it has changed my professional life. Many people know about me, send messages, emails and other queries to get the solution. This is Wow. Thanks C# Corner!

Pradip PandeyDelhi India

C# Corner is a wonderful platform that helps even beginners to learn the advanced concepts of programming. I have started liking coding after I got introduced to C# Corner!

Mehmet BestHartford USA

I joined C# Corner long back, C# Corner is a developer friend with full A to Z knowledge when you want to update knowledge, learn technology or solve code an issue. Thanks very much to all C# Corner Team and Mahesh Chand sir for such a great site.

Hello all, hope you are all enjoying your time with C# Corner and thank you for reading my story. I can tell my story before and after 2013. My name is Syed Shanu. I joined C# Corner community in Sep 2006. Since that time till 2013, I was a normal user, who always looks for help and read article to help me do my work. Don’t ask me as “are you a super user now”. I am still the same normal user but from year 2013 , I started contributing to the C# Community. Yes, it may seem that it was too late but that time I was being just enjoying my life by spending more time with friends, family, and travel. Since 2013 till now, I've written 75 articles on various topics. I love contributing to the community because from 2006 to 2013, I had learnt many thing from C# Corner and now it’s time for me to give to the community. I want to give back to my C# Corner family. Yes, I personally feel C#Corner as a family. Its open to all. If someone join today as member of C# Corner, they can feel that as you will get everything as what you need (But don’t expect money, Food.. just kidding). For any beginners to expert, C# Corner is the best place for learn and teach. A few points I need to tell for all of you here, if you are a beginner and not yet started contributing, start today , don’t wait for tomorrow. I feel like, I had wasted 6 years for not contributing but still it’s not too late. If you ask me why someone need to contribute. Here is my tip. If you start contributing to a community, It will improve your attitude, your writing skills, your professional career, and your life. Today, I am a 2-time C# Corner MVP, and 1-time Microsoft MVP.

Syed ShanuMadurai India

I would like to thank C# Corner for giving me a platform where I can share my knowledge and where I can express what I know. Now, it's my daily routine to check C# Corner portal and really, I always get something new to get more productive.

I am very glad to be a part of this wonderful professional community. When I started blogging in 2014, I did not know how to write a good blog or article. But, I took courage to create an account on C# corner in June 2014. Those days, I was keenly interested in answering forum questions on most of the professional communities and started the same on C# Corner.I published my maiden article on C# Corner in June 2015 for which I was recognized and got place in monthly winners list. There started my journey of writing articles. "Taditdash" is my mentor in writing articles. It is due his advice and motivation I could contribute a little to the tech world. Then came the most happiest moment of my life. I received MVP from C# Corner. I was overwhelmed because that was the first international award. And yes, I am now a proud part of the Great Professional Community.Through these years what I have felt is that C# Corner encourages your passion and guides your professional growth !!

Rajeesh MenothEdappal India

C# Corner is a platform where you gain the technical information on the latest technologies and increase your knowledge. This is a wonderful place also for sharing our knowledge. It is very helpful for IT professionals as well as to the people who want to learn new technology.Thank you all !

Sonu PanditDelhi India

C# is doing commendable job as it empowered my knowledge on various technologies like Java, Android, IoT etc. Thanks to C# Corner, which is an online community and its community members, who helped me to enhance my knowledge as I guess there purpose is sharing is caring. Hats Off to C# Corner for their flawless sharing.

Abhay DixitNoida India

C# Corner is a wonderful place to start your technical journey. Now a days, Whenever i log in to my system, i will surf c# corner at least once. It's becomes one of my habit in my day. I'm very much sure, if you learn at least a new concept(or keyword) when you surf C# corner home page itself. Most of the stuffs i learnt from this way. I just choose an article, mostly from .Net Stack, in the home page and began to read. If further exploration needed i just google for it or search c# corner itself.So the bottom line is, C# corner introduced and induced and me to learn new things on daily basis. Apart from articles, i'm a huge fan of C# corner forum. I love it a lot. One of the main thing about forum is, it introduced to you a "REAL" problems from the real people. So you get a various approaches/solutions given by different people. This is also one of the best part in C# Corner. These kind of question/answer platform helps me lot to keep in touch with all part of my technical stack and give a good confidence on it. I have joined C# Corner around 2010 itself. But became an active member from 2015 onward. C# Corner team also won't miss you to congratulate you, if you really deserve. I won some monthly awards and got selected as a C# corner MVP in this year beginning. These kind of appreciations are really helpful to all members. Keep it up C# Corner. Also personally i would like to thank Mahesh and his wonderful team to create such a powerful technical platform. I'm really happy to be a part of this community! Thanks a lot C# Corner!

Francis Chennai India

Empowerment in learning always keep professionals in a target to achieve more in their technical careers. In such a way I surf through C# Corner and learn more about Microsoft Azure platform. Everyday I am learning something and sharing some stories, articles as for I been in this portal and refer to my friends are always up to date in their domain.

Venkateswaran SBangalore India

I learned how to write alphabets in programming from the training sessions I took. Once I signed up C# Corner and started contributing the answers for questions and writing some articles, my graph in programming raised exponentially. On C# Corner Answers tab, you can find various types of problems that programmers face day to day. If you try to solve or research at least 5-10 questions a day, that's it. You will become a gem, believe me. A big thank you to Mahesh and Praveen sir!

First of all, I am very proud to be a member of C# Corner Community. C# Corner is one of the best communities for IT professionals as well as freshers and college students, where we can share and gain technical knowledge, C# Corner gives good opportunity to all of us for sharing the knowledge in various technologies like Microsoft, open source tools, Gaming technologies, Automation tools, Scripting, Front-end web technologies etc. In my day to day life, I visit C# Corner more than 15 times a day to read the articles, blogs, news etc., to keep myself updated.

Upendra Pratap ShahiGorakhpur India

C# Corner is not only a Q&A forum, Here, we get to connect to various experts, architects, tech team, developers, and programmers.Articles, videos, blogs, and ebooks are really great because every topic in technology is thoroughly explained in their own way. Whether you are a novice or expert, you can find articles as per your level of understanding. The news section is good for curious people because it is great to have all technical news under one roof. The free eBooks are useful for drilling down a particular topic and/or technology. Overall, C# Corner invokes your interest in learning more, post more, get more, and become MVP. For me, it is a one-stop solution to all my technical needs.

Bala SBangalore India

C# Corner has been an absolute lifesaver for me during challenging situations at work. I'm incredibly grateful to the C# Corner team for providing a valuable platform with freely accessible information. Their resources have been invaluable to me, and I truly appreciate their dedication to helping developers like myself succeed.

Thanks a lot, C# Corner for providing such a valuable platform. We needed it a lot to show our talent.

Meenu SainiYamuna Nagar India

My Journey of C# Corner is simply as below: beginner -> C# Corner MVP - > Microsoft MVP

Selva GanapathyKaraikudi and Chennai India

I would like to take this opportunity to give a big thanks to C# Corner family because this community is helping all the developers from all over the world. Once I was searching for a solution and stumbled upon the C# Corner website where I found the right solution to my problem. I started accessing the website regularly and learned a lot. After some time, I thought of helping other developers stuck in projects and started sharing what I know. Obviously, I gained a lot of knowledge being here , like improved my presentation and communication skills along with better coding. Now, I am addicted to C# Corner just like others being addicted to Facebook. Previously, I had no great hobbies but now, I am habitual of sharing the knowledge.

Rafnas T PBangalore India

C# Corner is one of my best friends for clearing any doubts in my development.

I joined C# Corner during my college days. I was doing a .NET training in Noida by Nitin Pandit who suggested to attend a C# Corner chapter event. After that, I became a regular attendee of the chapter event. That also inspired me to start contributing on C# Corner. And here I am today. I've learned a lot from C# Corner. Whenever, I get stuck in something, C# Corner is the first website I found every a solution. Even I started sharing my blogs and Ideas over there and started to solve the questions that other people post on c-sharpcorner. Its fun to solve the questions and logging daily here. One who is in love in technology can never be bored over here. Now I've moved to Bangalore city, and looking forward to start Bangalore Chapters. Thanks To Nitin pandit to let me and guide over there.

Rahul KaushikSonepat India

C# Corner is a wonderful platform to start my technical journey. It has improved a wide range of my learning skills very quickly and has got me ready for this competitive world.Thanks and salute to the C# Corner team and my firends andd supporters from the community.

Hello all, I joined C# Corner two years ago when I was trying to download an eBook. Downloading an eBook took me to the register page and I registered coincidentally. During these years, I was visiting C# Corner only as a reader whenever I used to search in Google. Recently, I logged into C-Sharp Corner and found that it is a social network of developers. It has great Facebook like features. We can connect make friends, share our ideas, ask questions, write articles, and many more. Spending time on Facebook is boring and a little unproductive now a days, but if I spend time on C# Corner, it improves my knowledge and helps to grow in my profession. I like the motivational articles, especially by Mahesh Chand, and technology tips from other writers as well.Thanks C# Corner team and authors to build such a wonderful platform.

Anil JhaPune India

C# Corner is a good place to learn and share our knowledge!.. Recognition is a wonderful thing in C# Corner (Member of Month, C# Corner MVP,...).I never see the time when browsing the C# Corner site. I am really very happy to be a part of C# Corner. Thank you C# Corner Team!...

Ramesh PalanivelSalem India

I have a confession to make: When I started editing news and articles for C# Corner, I didn’t know the difference between MVC and API. That’s not to say that I felt uneasy or intimidated by technology; indeed, at the time I was working on a hybrid Mac/Linux computer, and I was fairly comfortable running some basic commands from the terminal. But C# Corner was a whole new level of tech for me. Now, after a year of editing articles on the site, I can proudly explain to my friends that MVC stands for “model view controller,” and “ Web API” is an “application program interface.” Not only that, but thanks to the C# Corner news section, I always know when a cool new gadget is about to be released. And for me, there is an important lesson here: There is no such thing as “just another job.” Whenever you go into anything -- large or small -- with an open mind and a commitment to doing your very best work, there is no limit to what you can learn. I learn something new from C# Corner every day, from what cutting-edge software is hitting the market, to the latest project Google is working on, to a new (to me) term or concept. And even though I am an editor and not a programmer, I am particularly thrilled, as a woman, to be involved with a site that’s dedicated to all things tech. The fact is, women only hold about 26 percent of all computing jobs in the U.S. (according to a 2014 study). That’s odd to me, considering women’s early involvement in modern computing. In 1944, Grace Hopper, a U.S. Navy Rear Admiral, was one of the programmers of the Harvard Mark I computer, and she went on to invent the first compiler for a programming language. Just two years later, in 1946, six brilliant women programmed the ENIAC computer -- working only from logical diagrams. By the time they were finished, ENIAC could run a differential calculus equation in seconds. And that’s another reason that a forum like C# Corner is so important: It doesn’t discriminate. It offers a voice and a platform to anyone, regardless of background or gender. The only requirement is a willingness to learn and to teach. Everyone is equal when it comes to sharing knowledge. I’m so grateful to Mahesh Chand for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such an incredible site, and I’m honored to edit the articles that the many knowledgeable contributors work so hard on. I admire the dedication of these writers, and the supportive spirit of the community. I have learned so much as an editor of C# Corner, and I look forward to learning more each and every day!

Hello Friends,This is quite interesting joining C # Corner Community. One day, I was searching online to get solutions to my project thread in listed links on the search page. I found the answer at C# Corner forums section replied by Prasham Sabadra sir. I started to follow Prasham Sir from that day and I came to know C# Corner community. Prasham sir advised and supported me to start writing new technical articles/blog to share on C# Corner. Now, it’s part of my daily routine to check new stuff and keep me update. I started as C# Corner reader, author and now I was surprised to be on the list of C# Corner MVPs. C # corner is an awesome platform for professionals where we can share and learn a lot of things. I am really happy to be a part of C# Corner. Thanks a lot of C# Corner team.

Sumit DeshmukhPune India

Hello, It gives me immense pleasure to talk about C# Corner and its contribution in my life. I was mere a developer till 2005. Incidentally I visited C# Corner. I didn't have any clue about the special days and years coming on my way. I published my 1st article within days and the trend continued. I got C# MVP later, which gave me more visibility among my colleagues. All human life is for share and care and so I am not selfish to hide any takeaways received from C# Corner. Here I am sharing a formula, especially to developers as if you have any self-learned hot technical stack, just share it with others as an article. You will get queries and doubts about it and by addressing those you would become a master in that area. I was sharpening my technical edge by using same methodology, which also helped me to correct in some areas!!! I used to address many queries inside forum section. Forum helps you to locate interesting areas you are not familiar with. People asking queries related to multiple technology stacks and so visiting forums always guarantees that something new which might be interested will come on your way. So ideally C# Corner helped me to update on various stacks and also to gain in-depth knowledge on areas in which you are more interested. I still remember, my C# buddies to whom we have only virtual contact. There were talks about life too ? as I am remembering some buddies who were struggling in their life were getting good advice and suggestions from experts through forum. I got shape to my virtual communication skills by participating such genuine chats, which eventually contributed to my corporate email communication skills too. Thanks for everything and I am eagerly looking forward to new year for continuing this journey with C# Corner.

I am really proud to be a part of this helpful community, form a country where technology is very recently introduced, Afghanistan. I really learned a lot of things here and have engaged a lot of the students to visit and join this community. Thank you C# Corner Team and the contributing developers for sharing the knowledge!

Hanif HefazGhazni Afghanistan

For me, C# Corner is a day to day application. I'm a regular visitor of C# Corner. Many times, whenever I need some quality answers and great content, this platform helped me a lot.Thank you for this amazing platform.

Pranam BhatBengaluru India

The essence of our existence is collaboration. We learn by our experience and we help others by creating their experience an effortless one, by sharing our experiences with them. With the power of the internet, blogs, webinars, personal sessions, interviews and social media, we can unleash the true potential of collaboration and cumulative development by supporting each other, appreciating the ones who make efforts and by developing more leaders like the ones we follow. And all of this is possible by creating/joining/developing a community and here it is; Csharpcorner.com. We deliver EXaaS, experience as a free at the cost of promise to help others, at the cost of resolve to walk an extra mile for the community and not the least, at the cost of nothing.All it takes creating a free login and reap the benefits of becoming the part of this wonderful hive of technology evangelists, students and industry leaders. And as an integral part of the community my friend Mahesh, provides the platform to grow professionally by bringing more and more expertise to the table and also by providing an exemplary contribution to the welfare of our community leaders.As the Director of Chapters and MVP program, I along with my fellow contributors, speakers, authors and friends, are proud to be part of the community; we call it our virtual home.

“If learning, sharing, fun and networking appeals to you, you need to attend this annual event. I have been speaking at and attending events globally and the c-sharpcorner annual conference is fantastic. The venue and food was amazing as was the overall experience. I feel like a made 700 new good friends in a few days!”

C# Corner is a technology junction. Here, we can share and learn our technology. C# Corner motivated me for sharing knowledge with the world. Because of C# Corner, I got many friends from the developer community. Thanks to C# Corner for being part of my technology journey.

Suthahar JegatheesanPetaling Jaya Malaysia

C# Corner is an excellent site to learn and share knowledge. I joined C# Corner during my college days. C# Corner is the first website I found every solution on. I started sharing my blogs and articles over here too. Thank you C# Corner Team.

Kiran ThakurDelhi India

Such an amazing platform that offers solution to all types of technical problems. I am really greatful to C# Corner, the great community. It is for everyone who loves to share and learn technology. It is a knowledge bank where two types of people come - learners and experts who want to share their knowledge of certain technology. A big thanks to the C# Corner Team for doing this great job.

Neamul IslamDhaka Bangladesh

C# Corner is a good friend when you want to learn or solve a problem. Thanks very much to all C# Corner Team. All My Love!!!

An excellent place to learn and share knowledge. It has helped me utilize my time in a better way. Thank you C# Corner for coming and giving such a good platform.

Ganesh KavharPune India

First of all, I am very proud to be a member of C# Corner Community . C# Corner is one of the best communities for IT Professionals as well as freshers , where we can share and gain technical knowledge.C# Corner gives good opportunity to all of us to share the knowledge in various technologies like Microsoft Technologies, open source tools , Gaming technologies , Automation tools, VR / AR, Front-end web technologies etc. In my day to day life, I visit C# Corner more than 10 times a day to read the articles, blogs, news etc..,to keep myself updated. I learn latest technologies currently on the boom in IT market like X# , Angular.js etc. It provides standard articles which can be understood by a beginner as well. It also provides Career advice and forums(Q/A) where we can ask a question and the members of the community answers within just a short span of time. The best thing I like about this community is the editorial team which edits your content with poor grammar and presents it in a meaningful form. Thanks C# Corner team for giving me such a good opportunity for sharing my knowledge.

Hi all, thanks for reading my story here on C# Corner. C# Corner is one of the best communities worldwide for software professionals. There are awesome people here who share amazing experience and news day by day. This is the right place to go ahead if you want to showcase your knowledge. I am a daily (can say hourly) visitor and author of C# Corner. The best part of being a C# Corner Author is that the C# Corner team honors the regular authors with MVP Certification and other more exciting stuff. Finally, I would like to thank C# Corner for giving me opportunity of being a part of this community.

Prashant KumarBangalore India

I joined C# Corner in my college time and at that time I had no idea what is C# Corner is all about, who owns it and why this website exists. But when I worked in the IT industry for 4 years, I came to know about C# Corner. One day I was searching online to find a solution for an issue and found in C# Corner Forums section and found the answer. I wondered, who replied the question and why. I came to know that, it is public Forum where anyone can answer and get help.One day, I replied to a question and it got accepted - you can't believe how much happy I was at that moment. I felt that I have helped someone technically. Then I started reading and writing articles and blogs. At last, I got the MVP award from C# Corner for my contributions, which was my first professional award. From that day and today, I regularly write articles and answer questions on the forums of C# Corner because I like it.

Manas MohapatraHyderabad India

I know of C # Corner an accident when I search on google a question related to Asp.Net MVC. Fortunately for me was meeting people in the C# Corner community helping me out. Since then I joined the C# Corner and since then I have learned a lot. I am working at a nail salon in Tallahassee, Florida. With a passion for web development ASP.NET MVC.Thank you so much.

Alice NguyenFlorida USA

Mindcracker is such a good platform for many kinds of people. Anyone can scribble an article and blog or even write a very large article. The Mindcracker community has given everyone many opportunities. This is the reason why the community is growing very fast and famous. Mindcracker helps people to share their opinions and thoughts, improve their writings and grammar etc through their blogs. Read my full story: http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/UploadFile/suthish_nair/why-should-i-blog/

The one thing I really like in C# Corner is its user-friendliness and very easy to use article/blog submission section.I like many sections in C# Corner but I love RECENT POSTS and BREAKING NEWS for all the recent updates in IT.

Ankur MistryMumbai India

Basically, I started my career with VB. Then, I stumbled upon C# Corner and started learning a lot of new technologies every day. Now, I have started sharing my knowledge on the same portal to help fellow members.C# Corner has become one of the greatest parts of my life and makes me a good blogger. Thank you so much C# Corner for changing my life.

Thiruppathi RCoimbatore India

I've always wanted to speak in India and C# Corner gave me my first opportunity in 2017! This was a very rewarding trip to rock (teach) the geeks in India… and I think I did. The best part was making so many new friends and inspiring so many developers. Learning how much passion developers in India have was refreshing. Before I left, I already wanted to come back. I do hope the conference invites me back in 2018!

David MccarterSan Diego USA

In 2017, while studying in polytechnic college, I wanted to learn new trending technologies but could not find a way to start with. Then, I stumbled upon C# Corner and started learning from here. Well, C# Corner has helped me move ahead and motivated me to build a career in programming.

There was time when I was a non-technical person with zero background in programming. But one day, my Professor told me about C-sharp Corner and I believe, that's the turning point of my life. From that day, I never faced any kind of difficulty in programming. Moreover, writing for C-sharp Corner has also set a good impact on my portfolio. So overall, it's a good community for learning new technologies.

Asfend YarLahore Pakistan

C# Corner is the best social community site for IT developers . I am pretty sure that no other community can compete with it. I have a big dream that C# Corner will become the world's best Developers networking site one day.

C# Corner is one of the best communities to share and get knowledge. Before joining the community, most of my time was wasted in searching good articles on a topic. But after joining, the key thing is that I can find the latest articles on whatever technology I want to explore. I have found solution to almost every programming-related problem. A very special thanks to community team for doing the great job!

Venkata Swamy BalarajuHyderabad India

Surfing and reading the articles on the C# Corner has become one of my day to day activities. Seriously, the contribution of C# Corner to the developer community and technology world is incredible. I am proud to become a part of C# Corner and publishing my first article and first blog.

Manoj Kumar DuraisamySingapore Singapore

Hello, I joined C# Corner on 20th Jun 2012. From this site, I've learnt so many technologies. This is the best site for learning technologies and languages. But I wrote my first article on 2nd Sept, 2013, After publishing my first article, I've got more confidence and I wrote lots of articles. I got 3 times MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award from C# Corner. Now many people know me. Really, C# Corner has changed my life and has opened doors to many new opportunities. This year, I also received Microsoft MVP award. I am really happy. Thanks C# Corner.

Sourabh Somanichittorgarh India

The cool and unique thing about C# Corner is its vibrant membership. Unlike some technical communities that are only online, this one reaches out into the real world, and engages in a deeply personal way. The strong leadership and community participation on a local level is amazing. Kudos to the way information and knowledge is shared not only with career professionals, but also with the upcoming generations of students just getting started in the industry. Its great to be a part of it!

Hello, This is Prashant Kumbhar, working as technical architect. I’ve joined C# Corner on 20th July 2013. I have gained and learned lot of things from this community site. This site is very simple to understand for everybody to get the right content what they are looking for. This site is serving to the world to learn the technology and get the answers for their challenges. I have written articles as well as posted videos and contributed as a speaker in this community and I feel very joyful for the same. I have received the MVP award from this community as a reward to my contributions. This helped me to motivate myself. I would like to thank Mahesh Sir, Praveen Sir and entire C# Corner team.

C# Corner gives endless opportunities to learn latest technologies worldwide. It's a good platform for those who seek to build a career.I truly feel that C# Corner improve my technical skills. After joining the C# Corner I have C# Corner MVP Award and Microsoft MVP Aware. Thank you, C# Corner Team.

Viknaraj ManogararajahBatticaloa Sri Lanka