He is a senior technology leader with a zeal to facilitate the people development. During 24 years of his professional career, he has earned several accolades and various certifications in IT and other fields. 

He is Director of Chapters Program and recognized speaker of CSharpCorner. He is also the core member of a learning community Directo Voyage and is well known for his signature sessions as listed below:
“LEADERS DECODED” for mid to senior management
“NEW AGE LEADERSHIP” for students and fresh corporate employees
”STORY OF AN ENTREPRENEUR” for motivation and guidance to new startups
”LIFE SYLLABUS” involves tools and skills required for new-age smart workforce
“LEAP”, a student career guidance program based on his research on DMIT

He doesn’t stop himself from growing every day and takes challenges head on. The other side of his personality encompasses a lyricist, poet, author, and a good friend too, with spirituality as his sole driving force. He has been a mentor to 250,000+ people in last 20 years for leadership, motivation and life skills.  He is the founder of Falcon Heights, a learning initiative (, an entrepreneur to the core and always thinking about innovative ideas.
For random thoughts on spirituality, parenting, life and more, please follow him on  his FB group:

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