Microsoft Graph Toolkit: It’s Magic- Part 1


Session overview:

This session explains the basics of the Microsoft Graph Toolkit. Step by step demo showcases the capabilities of this easy yet powerful option to help developers to interact with Microsoft 365 data. Microsoft Graph Toolkit is developed primarily with an vision to help developers of all experience levels planning to develop web application, Microsoft Teams tab, or SharePoint webpart that connects to the Microsoft Graph.

Microsoft Graph Toolkit is a collection of reusable and framework-agnostic web components and helpers for accessing and working with Microsoft Graph. These web components are extensible and customizable with templating and CSS custom properties.

Following are the advantages of Microsoft Graph Toolkit:

        Cross-browser compatibility.

        No library or Framework

        Provides a familiar programming model. It's just DOM/CSS/HTML.

        Works well with new framework

        Tightly integrated with the browser's DevTools.


Microsoft Graph Toolkit: It’s Magic
Jun 05 2020


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