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Suthahar J is an industry luminary focused on AI, Computer Vision, Bot, Machine Learning, UWP, Azure, Xamarin and Web & Emerging User Experiences. He is a Technical Architect and C# Corner MVP. During his 12 years in the IT industry he has had roles in development, Lead and Architect using different Microsoft technologies on a number of large and complex projects. He is Author of Xamarin Q &A Book and published in Amazon. He is published Xamarin Q & A Bot to the Facebook Messenger, Blog, Skype and Cortana. He also enjoys sharing his passion with other people, thus actively contributing to the community via his presentations, writing technical Article and blogs which helps him becomes a better technology leader. He takes a keen interest in sharing his knowledge and solving readers’ technology-related problems. He is Founder of popular technical blog was completed many Microsoft certification and received many awards. Whenever he gets the time he will go nearest orphans and stay with the child sometime and share computer skill.