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As a programmer/web-developer, I have focused primarily on the Microsoft Web Stack Technology since ASP classic up to present, which is ASP.NET Core (hopefully I’m correct :-)). I know that web-related subjects/topics and/or technology is fast, that’s why I always set time to learn new things, so at least I could cope up at least even a bit. I always love to learn new things, especially in the context of web-technology. That’s why I love to give solutions to clients and teach/coach my teammates with the latest trends on the web. I always take pride in my work and I love to create readable code. Lastly, I’m currently looking forward to publish my first mobile application on the App store. However, I’m not just a developer, I was given the chance to manage my team, but at first, I was not really good about it, but as time goes along I keep myself on improving. Thanks, to Scrum Framework it saved me from traditional project management. By following the Scrum framework I’ve seen how it helped me and my team and the organization that I’ve been with as we become more self-organize, cross-functional and collaborative. Certifications: Microsoft 70-480, Scrum Developer Certified, Scrum Fundamentals Certified, Six Sigma Yellow Belt.