F# developed by Microsoft, is a mature, open source, cross-platform, functional-first programming language. It empowers users and organizations to tackle complex computing problems with simple, maintainable and robust code.


  • Easy Way To Become An F# Programmer For C# Developers

    In this article, you will learn about an easy way to become an F# programmer for C# developers.
  • F# 4.6 and F# Tools For Visual Studio 2019 Are Now Generally Available

    Along with a new record type 'Anonymous Records' in the language, there are several updates in the F# Core library.
  • Get Started With F#

    In this post we will start with basic things to learn Visual F#.
  • F# Data Abstraction Layer For C#

    In this article I'll take a look at building a data abstraction layer in F# and consuming it with C#.
  • Microsoft Announces F# 4.5

    Microsoft has announced the general availability of F# 4.5 which can be acquired by users through .NET SDK (2.1.400 or higher) and Visual Studio 2017 update 15.8.
  • PictureBox Control in F#

    In this article I have explained the PictureBox Control and how to use this control in a Windows Forms application.
  • Use ExecuteScalar Function in F#

    This article explains the ExecuteScalar( ) function of the SqlCommand class and how to use this function in a Windows Forms application.
  • Refactoring F# Imperative Code Towards Declarative

    This blog shows functional programming newcomers how to take advantage of the declarative fashion of functional programming
  • Create WPF Application With F# And FsXaml

    In this article, I will show you how to start a WPF (Windows application) with F# by using a type of provider called FsXaml to work easily with XAML file.
  • Property-Based Testing With FsCheck

    This article introduces the concept of property-based testing which is another approach to verify that function provides an expected result. The complete source code of the project can be accessed on
  • Querying Last.fm Web API With F#

    This article shows how to query top 50 most listened musicians of last.fm user with F#.
  • Routing In Suave.io - Web Development With F#

    A web application is generally composed of multiple “routes”. A route means a URL that does not necessarily map a physical file, you can use routes to define some URLs that are semantically meaningfu
  • Introduction To Suave With F#

    In this article, we will see how to construct a simple web application with the F# language and the Suave web server on Visual Studio Code.
  • Introduction to F# (F-Sharp)

    This article is an introduction to F# (F-Sharp). Visual Studio 2010 Introduced the F# programming language. The F# programming language is used for functional and Object Oriented Programming.
  • F# 4.1 Is Released

    F# 4.1 Is Released
  • Arrays in F# - A Mutable Collection

    In this article you will learn about Arrays in F#. Arrays in F# are mutable data type.
  • String Operations In F#

    In this article you will learn about String Operations in F#.
  • Printing And Formatting Outputs In F#

    In this article you will learn how to print and format outputs in F#.
  • Introduction To Functional Programming And F#

    In this article you will learn about Functional Programming and F# language.
  • Try F# - A New Wave of Education

    Create and share code with new Try F#.
  • Random Object in F#

    This article explains and shows the use of the Random object.
  • IDisposable Interface in F#

    This article explains events and the IDisposable interface.
  • Working With Having Clause in F#

    My previous article explaiined how to use Group by clause using Stored Procedure in Windows Forms application now I will describe in this article the Having Clause and how to use this clause in Windows in a Stored Procedure.
  • Command Pattern Undo/Redo in F#

    This article explains the Undoable commands such as the actions Undo and Redo commands in F# console applications.
  • Grouping Database Records in Windows Form

    This article explains how to use the Group By clause in a Stored Procedure in a Windows Forms application.
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