Learn SQL, a language to query and manipulate relational database management systems.


  • Cursor In SQL Server

    This article describes cursors, declaration of cursors, opening of cursors, fetching from cursors, closing of cursors and deallocating cursors.
  • Types Of SQL Statements With Examples

    In this blog, you will learn about the basic types of SQL statements with examples.
  • What is SQL

    SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is a query language for relational databases that allows data definition, data access, and data manipulation functionality. In other words, if you need to
  • Tips to Improve SQL Database Performance

    The performance is main concern of any application. Database plays very important role in application. There are some points that can help us to improve the performance of SQL Server.
  • T-SQL Query Performance Tuning Tips

    In this article, I will discuss some useful T-SQL query performance tips and tricks for SQL server developers.
  • Common Table Expression (CTE) in SQL Server

    CTE in SQL Server. Common Table Expression offers a more readable form of the derived table, which can be declared once and referenced multiple times in a query.
  • Tips to Increase SQL Server Query Performance: Part 2

    This article provides more tips to increase SQL Server query performance.
  • Tips to Increase SQL Server Query Performance: Part 1

    In this article we will learn how to increase the query performance in SQL Server.
  • Interview Questions For 2 Years Experience in SQL and C#

    This article provides answers interview questions for 2 years experience in SQL and C#.
  • Inserting & Retrieving Images from SQL Server Database without using Stored Procedures

    In this article you will learn how to Insert & retrieve images from SQL server database without using stored procedures.
  • Select, Insert, Update, Delete Using Stored Procedure in SQL Server 2008

    Here, we will see how to create select, insert, update, delete SQL statements in stored procedures in SQL.
  • CTE in SQL Server

    In this article we will learn about Common Table Expressions (CTE) in SQL SERVER 2008.
  • Triggers in SQL Server

    This article explains triggers in SQL Server. A trigger is a special kind of Stored Procedure or stored program that is automatically fired or executed when some event (insert, delete and update) occu
  • T-SQL - Retrieve Task Hierarchy In Project Server

    In this article, we will show how to get the Task Hierarchy for a Specific Project in Project Server Database using SQL
  • Call Stored Procedure From Entity Framework

    In this article, I will demonstrate how can we call stored procedure from entity framework? There are many different way to call stored procedure from entity framework.
  • How To Find A Doctor Near Your Home in SQL Server

    How to use a database to find nearby locations. The geography data type and associated SQL Server functions can be used to calculate distances and search for nearby locations.
  • View in SQL Server

    In this article, I describe Views in SQL Server. Views are database objects which are like virtual tables that have no physical storage and contains data from one table or multiple tables.
  • SQL Executer

    Here you will see how to use SQL Executer. The article is written for beginners, the methods to communicate with database are kept simple.
  • Triggers in SQL Server

    This blog shows us, how to create a trigger in SQL Server for the beginner level.
  • Get Day of Week in SQL Server

    In this blog we learn how get day name of week for given date.
  • How to find Nth highest and lowest salary in SQL

    How to find Nth highest and lowest salary in SQL.
  • SQL Injection In Dynamic SQL

    In this article you will learn about SQL Injection in Dynamic SQL.
  • User Defined Function in SQL

    In this blog we learn basic functions of SQL.
  • Top Keyword in SQL

    This blog is about the Top keyword in SQL and it's use.
  • Basic SQL Queries Book Available Now

    Today, we are pleased to announce one more ebook to the collection of C# Corner free books library, Basic SQL Queries. Basic SQL Queries book is written by C# Corner authors Kamal Rawat & Akshay Patel.
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