SQL Language
This section describes SQL statements and syntaxes.


  • Sivaraman Dhamodaran

    Using the In-Line Table-Valued Function

    This video shows how one can use the In-Line function that returns a table.
  • Sivaraman Dhamodaran

    Multi-Line table valued function

    This video explains creating multi-line table valued function which returns a table defined by the function itself.
  • Sivaraman Dhamodaran

    Using the Multi-Line Table-Valued Function

    The video shows using the Multi-line function created in the Previous video
  • Sivaraman Dhamodaran

    Creating Simple Table-Valued Function

    This video shows creating a simple table-valued function in SQL Server 2005
  • Sivaraman Dhamodaran

    Creating Simple Function

    This video explains creating a simple User-Defined function in SQL Server 2005.
  • Sivaraman Dhamodaran

    Executing Stored Proc With Parameters

    This video shows how do you execute a stored procedure from Management studio by passing the expected parameters
  • Shivprasad

    Create a simple report using SQL Server reporting services ?

    In this video we will see how we can create a simple report using SQL Server reporting servcies.
    Shivprasad Mar 30, 2013
  • Hemanth Kumar

    Introduction to Database Management Systems (DBMS) & Types of SQL Commands

    This video gives introduction to DBMS, Advantages of DBMS over a physical database and the different types of SQL Commands
    Hemanth Kumar Feb 05, 2013
  • Shivprasad

    What is CDC ( Change data capture ) in SQL Server ?

    What is CDC ( Change data capture ) in SQL Server ?
    Shivprasad Dec 23, 2012
  • Shivprasad

    Can SQL Server views be updated - Simple SQL Server interview question ?

    In this video we will try to understand can SQL Server views be updated.
    Shivprasad Nov 23, 2012
  • Shivprasad

    ABC of SSIS and SSRS ( Webinar) C# corner mumbai group

    In this webinar video Kamal and Akshay talk about essentials of SSIS ( SQL Server integration services) and SSRS ( SQL Server reporting services)
    Shivprasad Jun 22, 2012
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