I have been an IT professional for more than 20 years since I got my first Microsoft certificate MCP in 1999. I used to be a scientist in atmospheric science field in 90s, handling big data from satellites and everywhere, when the 'big data' concept was not known outside of the scientific filed as now. I used all kinds of computing tools, such as IBM mainframe, Unix, Cray supercomputer, Macintosh, PC, and so on in a result oriented environment. I liked the computing and moved into the professional software development filed. I mainly use the Microsoft products, from VB, ASP, .NET, C#, back end SQL server, and now Azure. I have a lot of experience working for big companies and small companies, financial companies and health care companies, I had experience as a developer or team lead or architect, and also manager. I had my own company to build up a social web site. And now, by an occasional chance, I found writing some articles to summarize my experience and sharing to people is a big fun. So, you will see my articles here. Hope my articles will be any help to you all.