Amazon Web Services (AWS) describes both a technology and a company. The company AWS is a subsidiary of and provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments, on a paid subscription basis with a free-tier option available for 12 months. The technology allows subscribers to have at their disposal a full-fledged virtual cluster of computers, available all the time, through the internet.


  • IAM Policies In AWS Account And Service Layer

    In this article, we will be discussing IAM policies in AWS. Along with this, we will try to understand how to interpret and write IAM policies.
  • AWS Account And Service Layer

    In this series, we'll look at some of the basic concepts and purposes surrounding AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). IAM is where you can manage your AWS users, groups and roles, and the...
  • Uploading File To AWS S3 Using AWS CLI

    Today, in this article, we are going to learn how to upload a file(s) or project on Amazon S3 using AWS CLI. To start with, first, we need to have an AWS account.
  • What is AWS Outposts

    Amazon recently announced AWS Outposts that allows you to run AWS cloud infrastructure on-premises for a truly consistent hybrid experience.
  • AWS Global Infrastructure

    In this article, we will try to understand AWS Global Infrastructure. We will start by learning how users would actually interact with an AWS account along with the concept of AWS Regions, Edge Loc...
  • FFmpeg Deployment With AWS Lambda Under Node.js Platform

    I was working on FFmpeg for a task related to audio files, and it worked fine on my local machine. So, I wanted to bundle it up in AWS Lambda but I had to struggle a lot. Here is how you can deploy...
  • Are MicroServices Just A New Marketing Term

    Microservices is a great way to decouple an application for faster modernization, improved functionality and better performance, but done incorrectly or without proper architectural understanding, ...
  • Amazon Introduces Quantum Ledger Database

    Amazon just announced Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (Amazon QLDB), a fully managed ledger database and provides a transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable transaction log. Owned by...
  • What is AWS Firecracker

    Amazon recently announced a new machine learning service for virtualization called AWS Firecracker. Firecracker uses Kernal based virtual machine (KVM), a virtualization infrastructure for the Linu...
  • Amazon Web Services Announces AWS RoboMaker

    Recently, Amazon Web Services has announced the availability of AWS RoboMaker, a new service that makes it easy for developers to develop, test, and deploy robotics applications at scale.
  • AWS Launches Global Accelerators To Boost Performance Across Zones

    Recently Amazon has announced a new network service - AWS Global Accelerator, to help organizations to seamlessly route traffic to multiple regions and improve availability and performance for thei...
  • Migration - Install Azure Site Recovery (ASR) Service In AWS

    In this article, we will learn how to migrate AWS VMs to Azure cloud with the help of Azure Site Recovery PaaS service. Set up Azure Site Recovery simply by replicating an Azure VM to a different A...
  • Amazon Launches AWS GovCloud US-East Region

    Recently, AWS has announced availability of the new AWS GovCloud (US-East) Region. AWS GovCloud (US-East) is the second GovCloud region targeting the US, following AWS GovCloud (US-West) which was ...
  • Amazon Announces AWS CloudFormation Drift Detection

    Recently, AWS CloudFormation has announced a new feature - drift detection, to help organizations to automate configuration consistency across AWS cloud resources.
  • Azure AWS AD Users Sync Up - Create AWS Virtual Machine

    In this topic, we are going to learn how to create a virtual machine by using EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) in AWS.
  • Getting Started With AWS Free Tier And Connect DynamoDB With .NET

    We will see all the steps for creating an AWS Free Tier account (for one year) and we will create an Amazon DynamoDB table from a .NET WinForms application. Later, we will insert some records to th...
  • Amazon Aurora Serverless Made Generally Available By AWS

    Amazon Aurora Serverless is now generally available.
  • Adding A File To AWS S3 Bucket In .NET Core 2.0

    In this video series, we will be learning how to get started Amazon AWS and .NET Core 2.0. In the second article, let us see how to add a file to an existing Amazon S3 Bucket.
  • Getting An Object From An S3 Bucket With .NET Core 2.0

    In this video series, we are learning how to get started Amazon AWS and .NET Core 2.0. In this third video, we will see how we can get an object from an Amazon S3 Bucket.
  • Creating An S3 Bucket With .NET Core 2.0

    In this video series, we will be learning how to get started Amazon AWS and .NET Core 2.0. In this first article, let us see the way of creating an Amazon S3 Bucket.
  • Sending and Retrieving Data From Redis Cache

    Send and retrieve data from Redis cache, made easy.
  • Create Glacier Vault And Upload File On AWS

    Amazon Glacier is a storage service mainly used for infrequently used data.
  • Sync Up Our EC2 Instance With S3 Bucket

    Today, I will be showing how to sync up an EC2 instance with S3 bucket.
  • Creating Cloud Front Service Or Distribution In AWS

    Amazon cloud front is basically a web service that helps you to speed up distribution of your static and dynamic web content such as .html,.css,.js and image files etc.
  • Creating AWS Cloud Search Service

    Amazon cloud search is a managed service in the Amazon cloud that helps you to manage, set up and scale a search solution for your website.
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