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Learn TypeScript. TypeScript is an open-source programming language developed and maintained by Microsoft. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript and provides an object-oriented structure to JavaScript including static typing. The TypeScript compiler is itself written in TypeScript and compiled to JavaScript. Currently, TypeScript is being developed under Anders Hejlsberg, the lead architect of C# and creator of Delphi and Turbo Pascal.


  • Getting Started With TypeScript

    This article explains how to install TypeScript and set local environment with Visual Studio.
  • For Loop in TypeScript

    TypeScript for loop. In this article, learn how to use a for loop in TypeScript with an example.
  • TypeScript 3.5 Released

    TypeScript 3.5 released with optimized type-checking and incremental builds.
  • Introduction To Bosque Programming Language😍

    In this article, I have given an overview of Bosque Programming language.
  • Var And Var! In Microsoft Bosque Programming Language

    This article talks about the declaration of var and var! variables in Bosque programming language.
  • Basics Of TypeScipt

    In this article, we will learn some basics of the TypeScipt language.
  • Switch Statement In TypeScript

    In this article, we are explaining how we can use the switch statement in TypeScript with an example.
  • TypeScript 3.4 Announced

    The latest version of Microsoft’s open source scripting language, TypeScript, v3.4 is available now.
  • TypeScript 3.4 RC Released

    3.4 gives you faster subsequent builds with the new --incremental flag and type-checking for globalThis. Top-level this is now typed.
  • Quick Start With TypeScript Using Visual Studio

    TypeScript is one of the modern superset of JavaScript. In this article, you will learn what TypeScript is and how to get started with TypeScript using Visual Studio.
  • Break Statement in TypeScript

    In this article, I am going to explain how to use a break statement in TypeScript with an example.
  • Mouse Event in TypeScript: Part 2

    In this article I will explain the Onmouseover and Onmouseout mouse events in TypeScript.
  • Quick Start With TypeScript

    How to learn TypeScript quickly. Learn how to install TypeScript using NPM, install TypeScript in VS 2015. Understand basic concepts of TyeScript like Class, Property creation, and Method creation, In
  • Difference Between Compiling And Transpiling

    In this blog, I am going to explain the difference between compilation and transpilation. Will also discuss why TypeScript transpiling is not compiling.
  • Microsoft Announces TypeScript 3.2 RC

    Microsoft has announced the TypeScript 3.2 RC the release candidate of its next version of TypeScript.
  • TypeScript Basics

    Nowadays, there are so many JavaScript frameworks (Angular, React) written and used to develop frontend UI by Typescript. It very important to every developer has very basic knowledge about Typescript
  • Ternary Conditional Operator In TypeScript

    In this article, I will explain the ternary operator and how to use it in TypeScript with an example.
  • Variables, Data Types, Type Annotation And Enum In TypeScript

    In this blog, I have explained Variable declaration, Data Types, Type Annotation, Array and Enum in TypeScript.
  • Overview Of TypeScript

    TypeScript is developed by Microsoft and it is superset of JavaScript, any valid JavaScript code is also a valid TypeScript code.
  • ts.validator.fluent - TypeScript Based Generic, Fluent Validation Framework

    I have created a TypeScript based generic, fluent validation framework. Also, I have built a demo Angular 6 CLI app which uses the framework for client-side form validation.
  • TypeScript 3.1 Released

    Microsoft recently announced the release of TypeScript 3.1, an open source programming language built on top of JavaScript and adds static type-checking.
  • What Is New In TypeScript

    Learn what is new in TypeScript.
  • Learn About Extension Methods In TypeScript

    Extension-method gives you the power to add new methods to existing types. You don’t have to create a new derived-type. You can write extension-method of any data-type you want. It’s just like writing
  • Brief Introduction To TypeScript

    Typescript is a strongly-typed superset of JavaScript and it makes it more readable and maintainable. This is an open source language created by Microsoft. The way of writing the syntax is similar is
  • TypeScript Overview & Configuration

    TypeScript is a strongly typed language which we can call a superset of the JavaScript.
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