Export to Excel functionality in LightSwitch

As you know Visual Studio LightSwitch is a Microsoft tool, which is used to build business applications. There is a lot of functionality in a LightSwitch application like export to excel functionality. Export to excel functionality provides a functionality in which you can send your data to an excel sheet. If you want disable the export to excel functionality, then you can do that as well.

This functionality is a very useful functionality because once the data is brought into Excel it can be used in a variety of ways such as,

  • Create reports using SSRS
  • Integrate with other data sources using SSIS
  • Export it as XML files, ASCII files so on
  • Create charts and use pivot tables so on
  • Export data from SQL Azure

Step by step solution

Step 1 : Open Visual Studio LightSwitch->Create new table.


Step 2 : Create a table like below.


Step 3 : Right click on screen->add screen.


Step 4 : Select editable grid screen->Select screen data (student)->Ok.


Step 5 : Run application (Press F5)->Click + sign and fill data and save. Now if you want to export your data in excel sheet then you click excel sheet icon.


Step 6 : your data will display in excel sheet like below image.


Step 7 : If you want disable the export to excel functionality then you will go on data grid properties then check the disable export to excel.


Step 8 : Run application (Press F5). Now you will see there will no excel icon .So you can't export to excel sheet your data.



Export to excel functionality is very useful functionality. It is used when if you want your data display in any spreadsheet like as excel sheet.

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