Design Issues vs CSS3

Responsive Web Design | CSS3

Responsive Web Design

Web Designing | Basics

In the past 2 decades, web designing was neither a milestone nor a major issue in designing or developing any website or web-based applications but for the past 4-5 years, it has been converted into a major issue or requirement for any kind of designing or development work.

Web Designing | CSS

Many types of designs were not possible in the past through CSS, or we can say that it was not as easy as it seems to be. So CSS was unable to fulfill the desired needs of web-development.
This gives birth to the new methodology or new version of CSS that is generally known as CSS3 to be explained later in this article.

Problems | CSS

  • It was based on a table architecture system
  • Styling was not free of content
  • Unstructured design work
  • Fewer media applications
  • No proper functionality for high graphic elements
  • Fewer animations
  • Less dynamic design (mainly static)
  • Low presentation reflexes

Solving Problems | CSS3

The problems and issues of CSS provide a path for the development of a new and better design application language, CSS3. We encountered several problems and issues during design using CSS, but CSS3 frees us from that through its applications.

Example Comparison | CSS2.1 vs CSS3

Example | CSS2.1
For creating a rounded corner or any shape on any kind of screen element in any type of development work, either structured with the table or free-hand designed structure, we do use a different technique in CSS2.1.
In the development procedure of CSS, the following stream of code is used that consists of a complete reference.
Code | HTML
  1. <a href=””><span> Submit </span></a>  
  2. <a href=”#”><span> Reset </span></a> 
Code | CSS
  1. a  
  2. {  
  3.     displaydotted block;  
  4.      height60px;  
  5.      floatleft;  
  6.      font-size10em;  
  7.      font-family: cambria;  
  8.      padding-right1.0em;  
  9.       padding-left1.0em;  
  10.       backgroundurl(abc.jpg);  
  11.        scroll: top down;  
  12. }  
  13. a span  
  14. {  
  15.     backgroundurl(abc.jpg);  
  16.     displaydotted block line-height1.0em;  
Output | CSS
// button events
 button events
Example | CSS3
In CSS3 we code like this and get output in the same fashion as in CSS2.1.
Code | HTML
  1. <a href=””> Submit </a>  
  2. <a href=”#”>Reset <a>  
Code | CSS3
  1. a {  
  2.       height: 60px;  
  3.       float: left;  
  4.       font-size: 10em;  
  5.       line-height: 60px  
  6.       padding-right: 1.0em;  
  7.      padding-left: 1.0em;  
  8.      background-image: url(abc.jpg);  
  9.      background-repeat: repeat-x;  
  10.      scroll: top down;  
  11.      border declaration  
  12.      border-top-right-radius: 12px;  
  13.      border-top-left-radius12px;  
Output | CSS3
CSS3 Output
(The output is the same as in the old version; the main difference is that we can measure is coding and designing method in CSS3.)