Open Application By Button Object in QlikView


QlikView is also an application in the sense that it is very important for a business organization for maintaining business records. An application can be used to perform some specific task. An application is a computer program that can be designed to help people do things. There are millions of applications. Opening and closing a procedure of an application is the same. In QlikView, when we open an application using a button we follow the same process for closing an application by a button. Applications are very important for users for performing specific tasks and operations.

An application is opened in one of the following two ways:

  • Open via desktop
  • Open via start button


For example, application forms are important for the user because they are helpful for job searching purposes.

This article explains how to open an application in a QlikView application using a button object.

So let us start with the procedure.

Step 1: Open the QlikView application

In the first step you need to open the QlikView application then go to File -> New then this window will be opened.

After clicking New option

Step 2: Open Edit Script

The second step is to open the edit script from File -> Edit Script.

window of edit script

  • Then this window will be opened.


Step 3: Click on table files

The next step is to click on table files to open data files like Excel or CSV. These files contain the data.

table files

Now open a table file and click on the Open button.

local file

Step 4: File wizard type

Then this window will be opened. Here you can see your table file table and click on the Finish button.

File wizard

Step 5: Code of edit script

Now, in the edit script the web file is uploaded successfully and reload it.


Step 6: Save file

The next step is to save the QlikView file.

save file

Step 7: Sheet property window

The sheet property window will be opened. In this window you add the fields that you want to display as a list box and click on the OK button.


Step 8: Select button object

In the menu bar is the command Layout -> New Sheet Object-> Button object and select it.

button object

Step 9: New text object

Now this window will be opened and here you provide the button object name and click on the action button to perform an operation on the button.

button name

Step 10: Action tab

In the action tab click on the add button to add an action. Action is a very important part of the button because by using the action button a specific task is done.


Step 11: Then you should define the application name that we want to open and click on the Ok button.

select action


Suppose that if you want to open notepad then you should define application name.


Step 12: Then when you click on this button then it opens Notepad.


Now you will see Notepad.



This article is very useful. An application is an important part of QlikView. This article explained how to open an application in QlikView using a button object.