Bubble Sort In C#

Bubble Sort is a sorting algorithm (an algorithm that puts elements of a list in a certain order). The simplest sorting algorithm is Bubble Sort. In the Bubble Sort, as elements are sorted they gradually "bubble up" to their proper location in the array, like bubbles rising in a glass of soda.

The Bubble Sort works by iterating down an array to be sorted from the first element to the last, comparing each pair of elements and switching their positions if necessary. This process is repeated as many times as necessary, until the array is sorted.


When this first pass through the array is complete, the Bubble Sort returns to elements one and two and starts the process all over again. The Bubble Sort has stopped when it is finished examining the entire array and no "swaps" are needed.

To sort an array there will be n-1 passes where n is the number of elements in the array. In the above diagram there are seven elements in an array so there will be 7-1=6 passes.



Procedure BubbleSort(DATA : list of sortable items)

N= DATA.Length

1.       Set Flag := True

2.       Repeat Steps  from 3 to 5 for I = 1 to N-1 while Flag == true

3.       Set Flag := False

4.       Set J:=0. [Initialize pass pointer J]

5.       Repeat while J<N-1 [Executes pass]

(a)     If DATA[J+1]>DATA[J], then:

Swap DATA[J] and DATA[J+1]

Set Flag:= True

[End of If structure]

(b)   Set J:=J+1

[End of inner loop]

[End of step 1 outer loop]

6. Exit


using System;
namespace SortingExample
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            int[] number = { 89, 76, 45, 92, 67, 12, 99 };
            bool flag = true;
            int temp;
            int numLength = number.Length;

            //sorting an array
            for (int i = 1; (i <= (numLength - 1)) && flag; i++)
                flag = false;
                for (int j = 0; j < (numLength - 1); j++)
                    if (number[j + 1] > number[j])
                        temp = number[j];
                        number[j] = number[j + 1];
                        number[j + 1] = temp;
                        flag = true;

            //Sorted array
            foreach (int num in number)
                Console.Write("\t {0}",num);




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