Install MySQL Connector in Visual Studio 2012


This article shows you how to install the MySQL Connector, create a MySQL database, and check the MySQL version.

Install MySQL Connector v.6.5.4 in Visual Studio 2012

Step 1. Open the MySQL Admin page "Create a new database".

MySQL Admin

Step 2. Select "Create a new database" > "Testdb".

new database

Step 3. Select "Create a new Table" > "Student".

New Table

Step 4. View table student.

View Table

Step 5. Create a new project using "File" > "New" > "Project..." > "Console Application".

new project

Step 6. Show Insert Console Application > "Add References"

Console Application

Step 7. Online search MySQL.

Search MySQL

Step 8. Here is the code for the Console Application

Code in console application

Step 9. Use the following Code in the Console Application

console application code

Step 10. Run the application.

Run the application

Now the Create MySQL database, table and MySQL Connector is installed in Visual Studio 2012. I hope you enjoyed this article.

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