SharePoint 2013 Design Manager - HTML To Master Page Conversion

Design Manager

Design Manager is the new feature introduce by SharePoint 2013. Now using this we can create faster master page & with little headache. Design manager convert Html into Master page, then apply this master page to Pages or System Pages.

HTML to Master Page conversion

Step 1: Select Site Setting, then Design Manager.

Design Manager

Step 2: Design Manager, then Upload Design Files.

Upload Design Files

Step 3: Open the link shown above to add content, html files, CSS, scripts for your new Master Page.

Step 4: Click on Files in the ribbon. Create Project specific folder & start uploading files in a newly created folder.

Create Project specific folder

Step 5: After creating main folder, add Sub Folder into it like BrandingCss, BrandingImages, BrandingJS .


Step 6: Using SharePoint Designer add CSS, images, JS & html page. It is a faster way to upload files into site.

CSS upload.

CSS upload

Html upload.

Html upload

After html uploaded, the following is the structure at root level.

structure at root level

Before going to next steps publish the major version.

Publish the major version

Step 7: Go to Design Manager, Edit Master Page, then convert Html file to Master Page.

Convert Html file to Master Page

Select proper html page for conversion.


Now it looks like the following:

Select proper html page

Publish the Draft version of page , so status become - Approved.

Publish the Draft version of page

Step 8: Edit Html page using SharePoint Designer, corresponding Master Page get updated automatically.

Edit Html page

Step 9: Publish Major Version of HTML file.

Publish Major Version of HTML file

Step 10: Click the approved page to preview Design of Page.

Click the approved page



Step 11: Change master page setting for site Pages.

Change master page setting

Result: As per setting, custom master page gets applied to user pages only & not system pages.

custom master page get applied to user pages

Result: If we change the settings of master page for System pages, system page looks like the following:

change the settings of master page

Thank you! if you have any query please mention it in the comment section.