CAML Query Builder For SharePoint 2013 On Premises


  • It represents Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML).
  • Which is an XML based language.
  • Developers can use to create custom views, querying and updating for SharePoint objects.

Starting With CAML Builder

Go to Start, then All Programs, after that U2U Training nv and select U2U CAML Query Builder

Figure 1: U2U

The following screen will appear.

Figure 2: Connect

Enter your SharePoint site URL and click connect.

Figure 3: Click Connect

Now you can see your existing list and libraries for your SharePoint site.

Select your List from the left panel. Here I have selected UserDetails List.

Figure 4: Detail List

Click New Query and select Simple Query.

Figure 5: New Query

The following screen will appear.

Figure 6: Appear

Select your filter column name in second dropdown.

Figure 7: Dropdown

Figure 8: Second Dropdown

Click Execute query button.

Figure 9: Query Button

Your result can be seen in the following.

Figure 10: Result

Adding an OR condition.

Click Filter drop down and select your condition (And/Or).

Figure 11: Filter

Figure 12: Condition

Click Execute query button. The results can be seen in the following screenshot:

Figure 13: Execute query

Add Order By element

Click Add order by element.

Figure 14: Add Order

Here I am going to order by element based on ID column.

Figure 15: ID

Click Execute query button. Here are the results:

Ascending Order

Figure 16: Ascending

Descending Order

Figure 17: Descending


In this article we saw how to use CAML Query builder for SharePoint 2013 On Premises.