Build A Windows Phone And Store App For Project Oxford Face API

I think just like me you also tried, which is Microsoft's new Face API. It detects your age in this application and tells your gender. Not only this but Microsoft also released it's REST API which developers can use to build amazing apps on top of it.

By the way if you haven't tried that url, take a minute and try that.

Face API

Woahh!! I got my result, I am 26 years old male according to this API but actually I'm 22. Don't forget to try your luck and share results in comment.

Not lets get back to work, how can I develop a Windows Phone and Store application using REST API that Microsoft has provided?

  1. Navigate to

  2. Select Face API option.

  3. Click on SignUp and you would need your azure account to sign up for the API.

  4. As you are done with Sign Up, you would be provided with the API key.

  5. Our next move now is to move to API Reference where you can test your API.

  6. Take a moment, check SDKs for Face API.

    1. No Windows Phone & Store SDK! Oops!


    2. You need not to worry, we have developed a very simple client that ping REST API on base of URL provided and gives your result.

Here is GITHUB Repo's Link for Face API.

Clone it or download as zip file. Hope you find it useful.

Hope to see you guys next time with some amazing stuff.