Enable Low-Resolution Display Mode in Windows 8


This article explains how to enable Low-Resolution Display Mode in Windows 8. Windows 8 provides you lower and higher screen resolutions. Screen resolutions help the quality of the pictures displayed on your monitor screen. The image with higher screen resolution shows a clearer picture and lower resolution is of less clarity.
We are giving you Windows 8 Screen Resolution with the help of Advanced Startup Settings. It helps you to get a list of all drivers in a system. The Advanced Startup option is also known as the Startup Menu. It is a troubleshooting option in Windows 8. The Windows 8 Startup Option provides the user with clarification of where the computer has trouble and causes problems.
You can open the search box and type the Advanced Startup under Settings. You click on the Advanced Startup Option. After opening the Advanced Startup, you will see the PC Settings in the General and you click on the Restart Now Button under Advanced Startup and choose to Troubleshoot and click on it and follow the steps. These are given below.

Steps How to Enable Low-Resolution Display Mode in Windows 8

Step 1
You can move the cursor on the right-bottom and click on the search box and type in it what you want.
Step 2
After opening the search box you will see Advanced Startup under the Settings and click on the Advanced Startup Options.
Step 3
Click on the RESTART NOW Button, under the Advanced Startup.
Step 4
In this step, you will see many options such as Continue, Troubleshoot, Turn Off your PC. You click on the Troubleshoot.
Step 5
In this step, you see many options such as Refresh your PC, Reset your PC, Advanced Options. Now you click on the Advanced Options.
Step 6
In the Advanced Options, you will see many options such as System Restore, System Image Recovery, Automatic Repair, and Windows Startup Settings. You click on the Windows Startup Settings.
Step 7
After clicking on the Windows Startup Settings displays a list of options such as Disable driver Signature enforcement, Enable Boot Logging, Enable Debugging Mode and others. Here click on RESTART Button to access the Enable Low-Resolution Video option.
Step 8
Wait for few seconds, then select Enable Low-Resolution Video by using Up and Down arrow keys and hit enter, your PC will restart in Low-Resolution Screen.


In this article, we learned about Enable Low-Resolution Display Mode in Windows 8. 

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