Turn Off SmartScreen Filter in Windows 8


This article explains how to turn off SmartScreen in Windows 8. The SmartScreen Filter is used for security purposes. Windows 8 provides a new layer of security that has made the SmartScreen Filter. Windows 8 SmartScreen Filter helps prevent malware infection. The Internet is one of the important issues to make your system secure; you should use it. Windows SmartScreen can help keep your System safer by warning you before you run an  unrecognized application downloaded from the internet.
Microsoft launched a SmartScreen Filter in Windows 8 for applications. You can access the SmartScreen Filter with the help of the Control Panel and type the Control Panel in the search box and click on the window that appears. You click on System and Security. After System and Security, you click on Action Center. After open the Action Center, you click on the "Change Settings" under Window Smart Screen. The SmartScreen Window will be opened and you click on it  as you want.
There are three options available on it.
  • Get Administrator approval before running an unrecognized application from the internet.
  • Warm before running an unrecognized application, but do not require administrator approval.
  • Do nothing (Turn Off Windows SmartScreen).
Steps How to Turn Off SmartScreen in Windows 8
Step 1
In the Windows 8 OS, you can move the cursor on the right bottom and click on the search box. In the search box, you can specify what you want.
Step 2
In the search box, you can type the name "Control Panel" and click on the Control Panel.
Step 3
After opening the Control Panel, you will see many programs such as System and Security, Network and Internet, Hardware and Sound, programs and others. You click the "System and Security".
Step 4
In this step, you click on the "Action Center" under the "System and Security".
Step 5
In this step, First, you click Expander Control and you will show the list and in this list, you click on the "Change Settings" under the Windows SmartScreen".
Step 6
In this step, Window SmartScreen will be shown. You can click on the Radio Button as you need. You change the Radio Button from the default according to your need and click on Ok Button. You click on the Turn Off SmartScreen Radio Button to disable SmartScreen.


In this article, we learned about Turn Off SmartScreen Filter in Windows 8.