How to Add Comment in Excel 2013


In this article we are going to explain how to add a comment to an entire row in Excel 2013. To add a comment to entire cells Excel provides the Add Comment functionality by which we can add a comment or some information about a worksheet or about cells value to the cells. A comment does nothing but it is very helpfull for a new user to easily understand the Worksheet information.

How to add comment to entire cells in Excel 2013

Step 1

Open the Excel worksheet and select the cell value where you want to add the comment.


Step 2

In the review tab click on "New Comment".


Step 3

A comment editor will be opened. Type your comment in the comment box. After creating the comment click outside of the comment box.


Step 4

After creating the comment a red symbol will be show on top corner. To show the comment hover the mouse over the cell.


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