How to Create Recent Window Tile in Windows 8


Microsoft has launched Windows 8 with many new features and many new changes. In Windows 8 the Start Menu has been removed and replaced by new the feature the Metro Start Screen. The Metro Start Screen is a new feature that contains applications, games, and shortcuts for installed applications on your system. Along with the removal of the Start Menu from Windows 8, several other features have also been removed such as the Recent Items menu.
If you want to find the recently used files and documents then you have to go to "C:/user/user name" where you will see the recent shortcuts. By recent shortcuts, you can access recently using files and documents. If you want to pin this shortcut to the start screen then use the following procedure.

How to pin the Recent documents menu to the Start Screen in Windows 8?

Step 1
Go into the search box and type "Run" and click on the application that appears or press the "Win key + R" key.
Step 2
In the run window type "recent" and press enter.
Step 3
A recent window will be opened that shows all the recently used programs and files.
Step 4
In the recent window go to the view tab and click on the "change folder and search option" from the menu tool.
Step 5
In the folder options window go to the "view" tab and uncheck "Hide protected operating system files".
Step 6
A warning message will be displayed; click on "Yes".
Step 7
Now go in "C:/user/user name" and right-click on "Recent" and select "pin to start".
Step 8
Go in the Start Screen; the "Recent window" shortcut will be shown.


In this article, we learned about How to Create Recent Window Tile in Windows 8.