Launch Startup Settings in Windows 8


In this article, we explain how to launch Startup Settings in Windows 8. The Windows Startup Settings option allows you to start Windows in various advanced troubleshooting modes by which you can find and fix problems on your PC. In previous versions of Windows, you can get this option by pressing F8 before Windows started. But with the Windows 8 PC, you can't get this option because a Windows 8 PC starts up so quickly that there's not enough time to press F8.
In Windows 8 there are two ways to get to the Windows Startup Settings option. The first is to hold down the Shift key and then click Restart from the Power button to click the power icon to see the boot option and the second way is to go to "Settings" => "Change PC settings" then go to the "General" tab then click on "Restart now" in the "Advanced startup option". But if you want to open the start upsetting screen at startup as in the previous versions of Windows then you must enable this option.

How to launch Startup Settings in Windows 8?

Step 1
Go to the search box and search for "cmd" and launch the command prompt as Administrator.
Step 2
Run the following command in the command prompt; the following message will be displayed:
bcdedit /set {bootmgr} displaybootmenu yes
Step 3
Now restart your PC. You will see the following window during the startup. Press "F8" to go to the Advanced options window.
Step 4
The Advanced startup window will be opened. In this window click on "Startup Settings" to go to the startup settings window.
Step 5
The Startup Settings window will be opened that will display the following options. Select whatever option you need to.
Step 6
To see more options press F10. You will be able to see the available options for your system.
Step 7
Once you have enabled the boot option it will be displayed on every startup. So If you want to disable the boot option then run the following command in the command prompt.
bcdedit /set {bootmgr} displaybootmenu no


In this article, we learned about Launch Startup Settings in Windows 8.  

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