Proxy Setting For Metro Apps in Windows 8


This article explains how to set a proxy for Metro apps in Windows 8. In Windows 8 when you set your proxy address using the Control Panel Internet Options then it will only work for Desktop applications. That does not work properly for Metro applications. If you try to open any Metro apps then you encounter a problem and the error message shows "Your PC is not connected to the Internet. To use this application connect to the Internet and then try again".

This type of problem occurs because the proxy server is not configured for Metro Applications. To configure Metro apps you must use a command prompt to set proxy settings. This article also helps solve a problem downloading apps from the Windows Store.

How to set a proxy for Metro apps in Windows 8?

Step 1. First, go to the "Proxy settings" window using "Control Panel" > "Internet options" and clear all proxies.

Proxy settings

Step 2. Now go to the search box and type "cmd" and start the command prompt as Administrator.

Command prompt

Step 3. In the command prompt enter the command"netsh winhttp set proxy :port". For example: "netsh winhttp set proxy" then Enter.

Run Command

Step 4. After setting the proxy your proxy address will be displayed. Now exit from the command prompt and restart the system then try to open Metro apps.

Metro apps


In this article, we learned about Proxy Setting For Metro Apps in Windows 8.

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