Refresh Data Source in LightSwitch


In this article we are explaining how to refresh a data source definition in LightSwitch 2012. We need to refresh or update a data source when an external data source has been changed. For example: a new table has been added, or fields in a SharePoint list have changed on the server. You can refresh the data source definition in LightSwitch. This enables you to model your queries and screens by using the most current version of a data source.

How to refresh a LightSwitch data source

Step 1

First open an existing LightSwitch application that you want to refresh.

Step 2

Go to Solution Explorer and right-click on your data source. Before updating the data source you can't see the updated data source.


Step 3

An "Attach Data source Wizard" window will be shown. Select the project you want to import and click on "Finish".


Step 4

Now you will see the updated data source in the Solution Explorer.


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