Display a Startup Message Box in Windows 8


In this article, we explain how to display a startup message box in Windows 8. This same functionality is available in Windows 7.
As before, this feature is still activated via the Registry and little has changed, but the message is certainly easier to read with the updated font in Microsoft's latest OS. As before, Microsoft still titles this feature a "legal notice."

Procedure for display a startup message box in Windows 8

Step 1
First, we go to the Windows 8 Desktop and press the Win+C shortcut key on our Desktop.
Step 2
The Search Screen is shown; type "regedit" in the Search Screen and click the regedit application from the results.
Step 3
Now in the regedit, browse to the following key directory:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Policies\System
Within this key are two otherwise blank entries that need to be modified to activate a startup message; they are:
  • legalnotiecaption
  • legalnoticetext
Step 4
The legalnoticecaption entry controls the title of the message, as it appears in a larger font at the top of the screen. This is like a title or headline that you want to stand out.
The legalnoticetext box is the body of the message and appears below the title. This is where you can type in any additional information for your message.
Step 5
Once set, the Windows 8 computer will show this message every time you power it up. This will continue until either the registry entries are deleted, cleared, or changed to a different message.


In this article, we learned about Display a Startup Message Box in Windows 8. 

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