Manage the Windows 8 Sync Feature


In this article, we are going to explain how to manage the Windows 8 Sync feature. Windows 8 provides a new feature to sync our settings between computers and devices that are also running Windows 8.

Procedure to set up Sync in Windows 8

Step 1
First, we move to the Windows 8 Desktop, then press the "Win + W" shortcut key in our Desktop. That brings up the Search box with Settings highlighted. Type sync into the search field. Then click "Sync our Settings" under the search results on the left side of the screen.
Step 2
Sync your settings opens, then scroll right and toggle on or off the settings and features we want to be synced with our other Windows 8 machines.
Step 3
Switch from Local Account to Microsoft Account
Press "Win + C" shortcut key and select settings to switch our local account to the Microsoft account.
Step 4
Then select "More PC Settings".
Step 5
The Control Panel opens. Click on "Users", then select "Switch to a Microsoft Account".
Step 6
Next sign in with our Microsoft Account email address.
Step 7
Then enter your Microsoft Account password.
Now we can go through and set up our Sync options. That's all there is to it. Having our settings, apps, bookmarks and more synced between Windows 8 devices makes getting things done a lot easier. We can get right down to business without having to set up each system again from scratch.


In this article, we learned about Manage the Windows 8 Sync Feature.