Add Signature Line in Word 2013 Document

When you write a Word document then you often need to add a signature line to organize your document better. Word 2013 provides a feature for adding a signature line in your document and also has several options for customizing the signature line as needed. And also insert some instructions that provide information to the reader in the signature.

Use the following procedure to insert a signature line in Word 2013.

Step 1

Put your mouse pointer where you want to add a signature Line in your Word document.


Step 2

Now go to the Insert Tab:


Step 3

Choose Microsoft Office signature Line from the Signature Line drop down list within the Text group.


Step 4

A Signature Setup window open where you provide the Name of the Signer, Suggestion for Signer, "Suggested Signer's title" etc. See:


Step 5

Finally click the Ok button within the Signature Setup Window.


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